Tests = kill me now

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Every time, I think it, while I'm taking a test.
Here I am in this little heated box, and the only way an alien might distinguish me from the carpet is the pencil moving slightly once in a while, filling these little bubbles neatly. And even then, an alien would probably think I was a machine or something, because something that does that often obviously is not living, it's so depressing.
Like, I give it soon before I start just crying.

I took my drivers ed test today, and it was like, one of the worst experiences of my life. During the essay part I was like, not serious at all... :P
But it doesn't matter, because as depressing as sitting in a little box and putting lines inside bubbles is, it's also very easy and pointless, so no matter what I do, if you sad an intoxicated monkey down he'd figure it out.
And now that I've taken this test, I have to go to school tomorrow and take another like 3 hour test, because I took Algebra 1 in 7th grade, and so apparently they decided this year that the state is getting rid of the WASL, for some reason, instead we have the MSP's and the HSPE's and it's really all the same shit with different meaningless acronyms, but since they got rid of the WASL, now they've decided after the fact that I have to take an EOC, which is an end of the year test that we take now, but I have to take it for a course I took 2 years ago.
It's ridiculous, and stupid, but at least it'll be easy, because if I'm doing Algebra 2, I definitely need to use a ton of Algebra 1 in there, so I didn't bother studying.
It's ridiculous, they call it a "make-up" test, like I missed something or something like that, and they make us go through this shafting because of their own incompetence.
I think that educators get a little carried away with all these pointless acronymed tests. I don't remember what we had before we had the WASL, but I know in 2nd grade I also took the ITBS and the COGAT or something, then in 3rd through 7th grade I took the WASL, then in 8th we took the MSP, and now, in 9th, we have to take the practices for the HSPE, and we have to take several EOC's.

When people complain about education, is that their first plan, more standardized testing? Different acronyms for the same test?
Rat cock.
I used to think that only 4th, 7th, and 11th grade took the WASL, but apparently no, we all get to join in the fun of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning.
Then they decided they needed a different meaningless name, so it was the Measurement of Student Progress (exactly the same as the WASL, by the way).
Why must they spend like millions grading these shaftings?

ANYWAY... On the swim team there's like one of my best friends. And this is because he's an interesting guy.
Like, he does interesting things all day, like defend his girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend, they got into a fight, he beat up the ex, but the ex's dad is a cop, so the next day my friend got arrested, only to have his girlfriend see this out the window of the school, run out, and explain everything, saving him from jail.
And he also like smokes weed. Casually of course.
But that's so much more interesting, so much more like a living creature to do that kind of stuff, like almost get put in jail, rather than sit in a box and fill in bubbles.
I mean, I'm a little bit wimpier than him, I wouldn't like to almost get arrested, I mean, I think I'd appreciate it afterwards, but getting arrested would freak me out while it was happening...

I hope that after college I can get out of this depressing shit for a while, and do things that don't involve this terrible, horrible modern human society we live in.
But until then, I wanna hang out with this guy, my Awesome Russian Friend, because he's like, more fun than anyone else I know.


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Not wanting to see no comments... :(

Just a note on acronyms: A true acronym should be pronounceable (e.g., NATO). If it cannot be pronounced, it's just an abbreviation (e.g., FBI).

On a more important issue: "Awesome Russian Friend" sounds awesome... Fingers crossed here :)

As a starter, you might say to him:

я было бы очень рад познакомиться с вами.

Don't fret... this is quite innocuous...