Things I Hate About My Job + stupid shit

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Not everything about it is bad. I mean, it's easy as hell, and you're never too old to mentally giggle about the fact that you're selling some little electrical part called a "nylon butt connector," but there are some things that just make me rage!

1.) That Fucking Guy

"That Fucking Guy" is the nickname I've decided to give to this one old dude who comes in almost every day. And most of the time he comes in, right before he leaves, he goes behind the counter, grabs my shoulder, and rubs my back right around my bra strap. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I can't tell him to fuck off because he's friends with my grandpa.

2.) Everyone's inability to understand me

I have to repeat everything 2 or 3 times for everyone, and I can't really get why. I think I speak pretty clearly... Apparently I'm too fast or some shit. Oh, well, I can't understand any of them, so I guess we're even.

3.) Lack of hot girls (except myself hehehe~)

Almost everyone who comes in is a man. Sometimes a woman will come in, but it's usually an old woman. There has been ONE hot girl, though. She wasn't like, mega hot, but she was still pretty hot. It was last Friday. Me and the guy I was helping at the time both turned and stared. Hahahaha.

4.) The monotony

I hate checking inventory. I hate it soooo much. Today we did literally nothing except look at the SAME item in 21093486 different sizes. Holy. Fucking. Hell. I thought I was gonna die.


In a few days, FCG is going to visit her stupid annoying friend she often talks about. Well, I don't know if the friend is actually stupid and annoying, I just say that because I hate the things she posts on FCG's facebook. SOME OF THEM ARE SO RAGE-INDUCING OH MY FUCK! Also 80% of her posts read like she typed them while completely and utterly stoned beyond all conceivable measure. (If that's the case, then she needs to share!) I am so totally overreacting, but this shit seemed quite serious at 3 a.m. last night.

NOOOO! I probably won't be able to talk to FCG while she's with that girl. Damn. I have no idea how long she's gonna stay there. It's pretty far away. I miss FCG even though I just talked to her last week! Except we didn't talk very long because she didn't seem to feel very well.

Sooo, anyway, you guys wanna hear some crazy shit? Remember how my mom had a boyfriend? Well, she couldn't really decide whether or not he was her official boyfriend, but he was at some point, and she just found out he cheated on her... with a girl about the same age as me. D: I can't remember if my mom said she was 16 or 17, but yeah. So, needless to say, he and my mom are over for good. All her boyfriends turn out messed up. The last one was a drug addict who turned into a Christian fundamentalist and beat up his ex-wife.

In other news, I am suddenly craving Taco Bell, but I don't even like Taco Bell. I am so confused.

Anyway, I gotta go try to get through this stupid Ice Path thing in Pokemon Gold. It's been too long for me to remember how to off the top of my head.


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4.) The monotony Take my job

4.) The monotony

Take my job please, I'd love some monotony

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Gladly! ...Wait, what am I


...Wait, what am I getting myself into? I don't even know what your job is. Hahaha!

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I answer phones for a major

I answer phones for a major eyewear brand and enter prescription orders for my entire province.


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Your mother sounds like an... interesting... person to talk about.

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Yeah. Hahaha. She's

Yeah. Hahaha. She's definitely.... interesting... alright

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I hate things about my job too...

and inventory always sucks....umm, as far as that fucking guy....sounds like he's trying to get something for nothing. if it annoys you- tell your g-pa- he would probably understand and tell his friend to back off. but maybe not.

f-ing creepy about your mom's bf though.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Inventory sucks ass. D:

Inventory sucks ass. D: Yeah, I think I'm gonna tell my grandpa if TFG bothers me again.

It's SO creepy about my mom's ex-boyfriend, though. He stayed in our house for a week... Ughhhh.