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Lying in the bathtub with all the water run out, wondering about divinity and what it might mean.

Wondering about what the future means, what I might feel in three days, what he might be feeling in three days. He would like to marry me, he says, and I think the same, but I know I will make him sick, so for now we wait while we are young. Ah, innocence and naivety - so wonderful, even if it is conscious.

Wondering about others, how much I fear them and how I don't know how I will act when they are around. So many dead minds, dying imaginations, wastes of flesh.

Thank you all for your kindness in my previous journal. <3


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Oh!.. exciting news for my wardrobe

And this is completely unrelated, but... I got this really beautiful sweater, it'll all nice and drape-y... I've been having trouble finding a good picture which really shows details (even the designer's website is useless! it really does not do the craftsmanship any justice) but it's by "Gene par Yukio Mishiba". I love it because I sort of look like a fashionable ringwraith in it. It makes me really happy! My next purchase is going to be this lovely dress shirt by Paul Smith for my boyfriend's prom, again, hard to find a reliable picture, but...
it's got the navy color + print of this shirt, but it's in a style with no collar, like in the related items (which in every picture looks like a green colour? but it is a navy blue, I've tried it on...). Either way, it's lovely, I don't think my credit card will agree though.

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$320 for a single shirt?

Am I the only one who thinks "madness?"

Not the designer who's mad (actually, he's quite shrewd); it's the guy who'd be suckered into paying such an outrageous price!

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Trust me it can get wayyyyy more expensive for other designer prices then just £320. But i have to agree that i love the shirt but i could find a replica easy of a good standard probably for less then £100

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Less than £100 becomes reasonable for a shirt?

I'd pay that only if it were a ticket to endless orgasms... on demand :)

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i have it on hold and it's

i have it on hold and it's on sale
so shhh
200$ CAD

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So... just possibly...

Your vision of "endless orgasms" could be coming into focus?

Just the thought raises my envy (it's now Jeff's turn; a perfect opportunity) :)