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yup so I really don't know how to do this so I'm just going to type for awhile and post I guess. My life has been somewhat monotonous for the last year just a lot of school and home life. The only large change was my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia which despite the fact she is my mother I really could care less. My problem is that I came to Chicago to be free of family obligations not to become a caretaker. Now I feel as though when I graduate this July I'll be stuck taking care of her rather than working on the career I was hoping to start.
Stuck .... any thoughts?

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I dunno, live with it?

I dunno, live with it? Though, I can say I wouldn't want to take care of my piece-o-shit mother. Thankfully, she's already dead. She was an abuser so you don't have to get all affronted that I'd talk about her like that. And I'm in no way suggesting that your mother is a piece-o-shit, though it's obvious you don't really care about her.

I dunno, being a hypocrite aside, maybe you should just suck it up and help her out? She took care (I'm assuming and that might be a bad thing) of you when you couldn't take care of yourself. MAYBE you could repay the favor. Of course if she's an abuser or just a shit mom I wouldn't care. :/

Sorry if I wasn't helpful, and sorry for spilling my guts all across your living room floor. :D

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I asked for comments.

I asked for thoughts don't feel you have to apologize for whatever you happen to say. and suck it up and deal is my default decision with anything I dislike and can't change. it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way.

And no she's not an abuser but she is a strict catholic who thinks that my gayness will destroy my life.

P.S. I didn't like my living room carpet anyway! =D

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No siblings...

...aunts or uncles who could pitch in?

Sorry about your mom's diagnosis. Some leukemias can be treated successfully; hopefully your mom will be one of the fortunate.

What were your post-graduation plans?

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I have 5 older siblings and an aunt on my mom's side! the problem is they all live in northern Wisconsin about 4 hours away. I'm the only one down here that can feasibly take care of her.

She has type M7 adult onset(if that maens anything to you) It has a 1/3 survival rate past 5 years. She needs a Stem cell transplant before there is any sort of prediction of what will happen.

Massage Therapy. I graduate in 4 weeks and I wanted to start my career on a cruise ship but I'll stay here (Chicago) until my mom is better or gone.