Wat a badass I am

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So, I've decided that when my brother leaves for college in August, I will definitely change my facebook status to gay. I'm waiting because it's super awkward when my family knows, like my dad knows and is accepting but I just really don't like talking about it with him.
Wait, fuck, what am I waiting for? I'll change it now. Wish me luck.


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Good luck!

I hope this goes well!


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Add me on Facebook so I can

Add me on Facebook so I can see the reactions?
Or would that be weird...?
I have Super Duck. :D
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with me...here I am...~

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Uh sure

I'll just link it: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000475175095#!/profile.php?id=100000475175095

Anyone feel free to add me, btw :P

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Hi !!!

You have a nice name!! :)

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I love the meme you've got as your profile pic. :D

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age

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No reaction yet... heh

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Hm, I've never heard of

Hm, I've never heard of anyone using Facebook as a way to come out to everyone. But hey, whatever works for you! Good luck! :)

Oh, and some people might think it's a joke. So be prepared for people to be like "Ahahaha quit messing with us, man!"

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It's not strictly coming out, per se, it's more just me getting a sense of satisfaction from seeing it there like the people I admire like Matthew, and knowing that all my friends are probably eventually going to see it.


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may the crests of light,love,hope,courage,and kindness shine brightly on a new day.

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Can't wait till my mom allows me to get a Facebook so I can just out myself to everyone :P She'll be like WHAT THE HELL SHELBY CHANGE THAT BACK, PEOPLE WILL MAKE FUN OF YOU and I'll be like NAWWWW <3
That's redick!

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Good luck~ I think I left

Good luck~

I think I left most of my personal info blank actually. XD I'm too lazy to fill it all in.

I'm gonna add you if that's okay!

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Me too

My Religion, Political Views, Interested In, and About Me are all left blank. Interested In is done so purposefully, though, because I don't want to come out, but I don't want to lie either.

Good luck, Swimmerguy! I hope it all goes swimmingly :)

"Sometimes it takes another to show us the truths we hide from ourselves."
-Leliana, Dragon Age

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I have most of my personal

I have most of my personal info filled out, because I love to do those little "about me" things, but yeah. My Interested In is blank, because it used to say "women" but then I thought that it would throw people off when I say I'm gay. >:3
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with me...here I am...~

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Wishing you that luck!

I cannot envisage anyone more deserving...

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You're amazing,

I bet your parents will love the same.

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Good job for you :D

Good job for you :P... I personally put mine as gay the instant I made my facebook account... becuase frankly there was just no reason to wait.

Wishing you the best of luck...!

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good luck man, i would love to do that but i am to scared right now

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Good Luck!!!

Good Luck.. and hope you will find people who will embrace you whoever you are!!! :)