What have I got myself into?!?!

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My sister, the one who got married nearly year ago, created an "event" on Facebook. It seems to be like a reunion of sorts for the girls who went to her bachelorette party last year. I pressed "Attending" WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Please, let me remind you what happened at last year's event...

Forced to use penis straws. I refused. Anyways, I was drinking a cooler. I do not drink coolers with straws. Not ever.

Male sex doll was brought out. AWKWARD.

Everyone posed with said sex doll. AWKWARD.

I was told to pose with said sex doll. I DENIED. I was not drunk enough.

Jumping on the trampoline, I fell into one of my sister's friends in am extremely awkward place. My hand. In an awkward place. AWKWARD.

My sisters and their friends talked about how sex isn't sex without oral. FUCK. I never ever ever, not ever, want to hear any member of my family talk about sex. NEVER. This was life scaring. I will never unhear the things I heard. NEVER.

And, well, I was, in general, not so much fun. They were drunk and I was basically sober, so I could not understand what was so funny basically the entire time, and I couldn't really let loose. This coupled with my general anxiety over social events with people I don't know, and my insecurities in my appearance, just kinda ruined the night.

Also I was treated pretty shitty by both of them in the months leading up to this night as well as that very day. I'm still treated like a child, even at my age, and I mean, I get where some of it comes from, but for god sakes, can't you people see that half the time I don't "do anything" it's out of fear and/or awkwardness? Why can't you see this? I feel like I'm fucking drowning in it half the time.

This started out as fun and it turned out bringing up the horrible moments, ah. But I digress. Maybe if I get flat out drunk this time, things won't bother me as much.

Anyways, the awkward stuff still made for a memorable weekend so I don't regret it. Wish we could've got that stripper for my sister. THAT would have been funny.


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bring a friend. :) misery

bring a friend. :) misery loves company.

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Quickly! Tell her you

Quickly! Tell her you changed your mind before it's too late and the unrelenting awkwardness consumes you! D:

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I like reinbow's comment :)....but seriously, find some way to back out, or change your RSVP to maybe attending...aka, face book no

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My sisters are now fighting. LOL, and I'm the 'child'. My eldest sister rejected the offer because my other sister declined her earlier offer to get together. God love my family. Anyways, I can now back out because my eldest sister would've been the one to drive me to the party. Oh well, goodbye awkward weekend!

Thanks for the advice, though! In the end, I know I would've sucked it up and gone just to make them happy. Especially my sister that got married last year. I feel kinda bad that they had to tone down her bachelorette for me(money/location wise). I'll make it up to her some day.

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