Anyone else have trouble posting journals earlier?

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I received an invite to Google+, so I’m just checking it out now. Interesting, it looks like there are no ‘male’ or ‘female’ options for the ‘looking for’ part, so I guess I won’t need to give a complete non-answer like I do for Facebook. :P

Btw, if anyone wants an invite, I’ll send them out. Just PM me your email address. :)

Oooh, there’s a ‘bragging rights’ section, and I have no idea what to put. I have absolutely nothing to brag about. I don’t know what to do with the ‘Introduction’ part either. For fun, I’m just going to try to answer each of them with barely fitting lyrics. lol.

Tomorrow’s the day I go in to have my mole cut off, so yays right? The only concern I have is whether or not I’ll be able to sleep on it soon afterwards. The reason being, I’m likely not getting any sleep beforehand because my sleeping schedule is extremely screwed up at the moment (aka the past year).

I watched Let Me In yesterday and it was surprisingly good. I watched The Last Exorcism Sunday night and it really surprised me. Having low expectations pays sometimes. Next up: A Nightmare on Elm Street! The remake, not the original. I’ve got extremely low expectations for that one, mostly because they’ve got a new guy playing Freddy and that doesn’t really jive with me.

A Nightmare on Elm Street was my horror series. Freddy was my villain. I can’t explain it, they were just my favourites as a kid. Maybe because the dreams were easier to relate to than say… some masked dude waking from the dead to kill all the campers at a certain campground? Perhaps…

I actually had a dream a few weeks ago that got under my skin so bad that I didn’t even want to leave my room after waking up. I don’t know why this one affected me so much, but it did. God knows that probably about 60-70% of the dreams I remember are nightmares. I used to have a dream catcher, not sure what happened to it after we moved… I’d like to get another one, regardless of whether or not they ‘truly’ work. I certainly have an extraordinary amount of bad dreams.

Anyways, I’m off to fiddle around with my profile.