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My mom has been gone for a month, and she immediately starts bitching and whining the second she walks in the door. I wish she'd just get the hell out again. Can't stand her. She was mad because there was a cup in the sink (Wow, maybe I actually have things do to do during the day and can't empty the dishwasher until the afternoon!) and then because the house wasn't just totally stocked with fresh groceries. I did go grocery shopping last week... but I kind of, you know, had to eat a little. She also started crying because I didn't have any salad stuff, and she wanted salad. You know, they make this thing called a grocery store.

She literally just started crying AGAIN and saying she was going to have a heart attack because she left some makeup at her friend's house. OH NO, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. It's not like her friend can like, mail it to her or anything. Nope. The sun is not going to come up tomorrow, and we will all drop dead. Now, I am a 16-year-old girl who loves her sparkly purple eyeshadow, but I don't think I'd CRY and SAY I WAS GOING TO DIE if I left it somewhere.

She called my dad to cry to him. I am not even kidding. She even made him come to our house and listen to her CRY ABOUT MAKEUP. How is it even his problem!? She "can't go anywhere" without it, and she is just sooo miserable. Gee, if it's that big of a deal, she can borrow some of mine. I mean, it's pretty 16-year-old-girl-ish, but we have the same skin tone and eye color, and this is obviously a huge-ass deal. She can HAVE it if it will shut up her asinine blubbering.

What. A. Fucking. WHINER.

You know who is actually strangely pleasant right now? THE BRAT CHILD! She isn't even whining or anything! It's like my mom stole her whininess.

They're supposed to go somewhere else on Monday, but my mom refuses to go anywhere without her toiletry bag. Well, damn, if it'll get her away from me again, I'LL pay whatever it costs her friend to mail it to her.

Would it make me an asshole if I stayed at my dad's house tonight? Because I am like, 90% considering it. I can't stand this fuckery.


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Overdramatic much?

I've never worn makeup. And my friends' obsession with their makeup makes me chuckle and shake my head in amusement. Women and their beauty products...

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Never? Not even once? I've

Never? Not even once? I've been wearing it since 8th grade or so but it's not MY ENTIRE LIFE OMGGGG Like it apparently is for my mom

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Well, I tried it like once

Well, I tried it like once or twice, and I just don't like the way I look with makeup on. I feel better without it, considering it makes me look like a clown XD

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i feel your mom's pain i

i feel your mom's pain

i left my make-up bag at someone's place once and i couldn't sleep without it

ahah but i didn't make it a big deal for everyone

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Haha I mean I'd be pissed if

Haha I mean I'd be pissed if I left mine somewhere, but she's saying she's "going to vomit and die."

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hehe your mum's just like mine she will come home and in the space of a few minutes she nags endlessly about how the house is a mess and she cant cope anymore and then she always says i'm the dramatic one.

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My mom is an absolute drama

My mom is an absolute drama queen. Hahaha.

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definitely go to your dad's

Especially if you tell your mom off :P
That's redick!

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I might go... I dunno, he's

I might go... I dunno, he's probably asleep now. But I probably will tomorrow

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My make-up cost roughly

My make-up cost roughly $500. I'd be pissed too.

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Considering my mom has no

Considering my mom has no job, I doubt hers even costs a fraction of that XD

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I've left important things

I've left important things at friend's houses before. I've even lost a really nice camera somewhere. It makes me sad and frustrated but I've never inflicted it on other people like that. Gaahhh.

It's like my mom. She doesn't wear makeup but she freaks out about -everything-. She got anxious once because I cleaned her kitchen no joke. She didn't tell me to stop but she kept walking in and asking me what I was doing. I told her that I couldn't eat with the state of the kitchen so I was cleaning it. She told me that she cleaned it a couple of weeks ago. Even if she had done a satisfactory job, once every two weeks does not a clean kitchen make. XP

And gah. If she makes a mistake she starts CRYING, even in public, and begging other people to fix it for her. It's pathetic and embarrassing and alkjdssdkj. She won't take the blame for anything either. Ever.

Sorry. This turned into a rant about my mom. >_> Anyway, my point is, I feel your pain.

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Oh my god our moms are way

Oh my god our moms are way alike. Mine doesn't know how to take the blame for something either. Everything ever is my dad's fault, even though they've been divorced for 2 and a half years. Living with my mom is like... I dunno, living with an overgrown whiny preteen.

Oh, and when she got mad at me for the cup in the sink? Well, there's a pan full of shrimp juice left over from last night still on the stove, and I didn't cook any shrimp.

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This exactly. Everything is

This exactly. Everything is dad's fault or my fault. Everything. In her brain it's not actually possible for her to be at fault for anything. She's never selfish and always justified in her head. If I think that something she did is awful I'm the selfish one. Clearly. Even though my sister hates it down there so much that when she's here she cries at the passing of a day simply because that's one day closer to going back. :/

And aljkdasdkljdsf. Overgrown preeten exactly. At least preteens have an excuse and don't have power over families. XP. I feel like I'm babysitting when I'm with her, more so than I do with my sister, who is six years younger than me.