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I CAN MAKE DELICIOUS FOOD ALL BY MYSELF! :D Well, things from a box mix, at least. But I am still proud of myself because my idea of making food is generally limited to frozen dinners and instant noodles. I FEEL SO POWERFUL.

I ate like such a pig today. Hahaha. Well, I was happy, okay!? I'll say why in a minute.

It has come to my attention that I should probably start on my summer homework, but I'm not motivated. We "won't be able to do all that homework the night before it's due," Mrs. History Teacher? Well, I have but one thing to say to that...

I am pretty sick of some of the people who come in the store, though. There's this one guy who ALWAYS has to say something negative to me every single time he comes in, no exceptions. I hate that asshole so much, oh my fuck. The first time he came in, he told me I shouldn't eat "fattening ice cream." Today he called me lazy because I only work part time. If he wants lazy, he oughta see my mom, a 40-something woman who hasn't really worked in roughly 18 years and now that she's alone, just mooches off her ex-husband instead.

The guys are a lot less creepy now that my grandpa has started randomly advertising the fact that I'm 16. He asks, "Have you met my granddaughter? She's only 16 but she's the best help I've ever had in the store!" I think only one guy has called me a creepy pet name in the past week or so.

A super hot girl came in the store last week. SHE WAS SO GORGEOUS. She had dark blue eyes, and her hair kinda reminded me of FCG's, except a little darker. Hot girls never come in the store... Why can't she come back? :(

Oh, speaking of FCG, I talked to her today! She was so cute; I asked her how she was today, and she said she was absolutely fabulous! Hahaha. I miss her so much. I wish I could just reach into my phone and hug her!!! We talked about our annoying jobs and about summer passing by too quickly and about my dad's girlfriend's insane children and how she's scared her dad will get a girlfriend with equally insane children.

I need to go to bed, but I'm addicted to finding new music and cannot bring myself to stop.

Also, I'm sorry, but I just have to show you my favorite meme picture of all time.


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I have... no idea what that

I have... no idea what that meme is o.O am I getting old and outdated?

Also, I laughed out loud when I read the part about your grandpa telling people you were 16 and the creepiness died down.

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That's Courage Wolf! I love

That's Courage Wolf! I love Courage Wolf!

Hahaha... Except now someone's grandson seriously has a crush on me. :( He's apparently not like, super old or anything, but it's still awkward because I am super gay.

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Ugh, any crush where you

Ugh, any crush where you don't like the person back is awkward, regardless of gay/straightness. D'you know him, though? Or was it just he walked in and suddenly went POOF I like ya ;)

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I don't know him at all XD

I don't know him at all XD He didn't even tell me... His grandpa told me today that the guy randomly mentioned it

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No further comment.


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but it's still awkward because I am super gay.

I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THIS FEELS. I dated this one chick as like a cover up, and I broke up with her, while thinking "that's my last cover up GF. Yeeeaahhhh." but that was like, 4 months ago, and she still comments on my pictures and stalks me on facebook. She even told me that she still has a crush on me, but her gay cousin does too. >.>
~I don't need no fakes around me, all I want is you to be with I am...~

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That's awkward! D:

That's awkward! D: