Going to Australia and Starting a Business

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Going to Australia until the 16th! Hot australian guys with hot accents?

What am I talking about, I have a boyfriend! Anyways, so I'll be away for a week. Not that this announcement is really necessary anways, I'm hardly that active anymore. But nonetheless, it's super exciting. I'll be going to Sydney for three days, then Canberra for a week. Yes, I know Canberra is a hole - I'm there for a model UN tournament as part of the New Zealand delegation.

The events are incredible though - we're going to have grand dinner at the war memorial, and a ball a in the parliament of Australia. Isn't that fantastic?

Argh, must not sleep with anyone! Usually when I go to these tournaments things happen. Damnit, must exercise self-control. Going to miss the boyfriend.

Also, have found a new place to live. It's quite small but it's very modern and really good for the price. Moving in during August. Hope this place works out.

And, in other news - me and two of my friends have gotten together and we decided to start a business! We're still at the very early stages, but things are actually looking really good. We've already registered our company and have two investors lined up (with a total of about $30,000 and one of them sponsoring billboards!). And we're only 19. How boss it that? SO EXCITED. We're also entering this business competition in August which may win us another $25,000.

Sounds like I'm bragging, and I probably am. But this is very good news! Anyways, must start packing now!


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What's the business?

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Ooh a business venture, eh?

Ooh a business venture, eh? Good luck! :P