Jambo, Rafiki!

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Hello, friends! (Hahaha, I'm so good at Swahili, not, don't even know whether 'rafiki' can be plural.) I am back from Tanzania, where I have had fantastic adventures far away from the Internet....

I did keep a travel journal while I was there, and I've been considering transcribing it to here, but it's really long, so unless there were a lot of interest I probably wouldn't be motivated enough to type it all up and all.... But maybe I'll do at least the first few entries....

Anyway, I've been gone a long time, it was terrific, it's good to be back, and I have no idea what's been going on here, whatsoever. 'Here' being Oasis or just the world-outside-of-Tanzania, whichever. So, anything big about which I should know?


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This word has a common origin with Arabic...

...meaning "my friend".

So... just guessing that the plural (my friends) would be something like rufakaai (stress on the penultimate long "aa"syllable).

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Even though your travel journals might be "really long" you should really put up a few! ;-)