My cat hates me.

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Seriously, he bites me every time I go to check on his flea status. He has fleas, and I am TRYING to help the adorable little bastard, but he won't let me!

I don't feel very good today. I was dragged to my grandma's 4th of July lunch thing. My dad's girlfriend's wild children were there. The older one has gotten a little better, but the younger one is still a hellion. She was running around screaming and beating things with a water bottle. Glove Man randomly showed up, and he was pleasant for a while, but then he made me feel very bad, so I left. He didn't mean to... I think he was actually trying to make me feel better, but it kind of had the opposite effect.

Glove Man: Super Duck, isn't school starting soon for you?
Me: Well, I still have like a month... But yeah.
Glove Man: Will you be a junior or a senior?
Me: I'm gonna be a junior.
Glove Man: Well, just so you know, junior year is the worst ever.

How comforting.

Me: Yeah... I kinda figured that.
Glove Man: What's your school like?
Me: Well, academically, it's suppposed to be one of the better ones in town, but the people there are kind of completely terrible.
Glove Man: Yeah, that's what I'd heard about that place.
Me: I don't like it.
Glove Man: Well, you're almost out of there. Senior year will come before you know it.
Me: Senior year I'll barely even have any friends left at school.
Glove Man: Don't even think about it, you'll never see any of them again anyway.
Me: ...What?

Thank you, Glove Man. It is good to know that almost everyone I care about means nothing. You sure know how to lift someone's spirits!

Oh, and I barely got any sleep last night. The motherfucking house phone (with the most irritating ring on the planet) rang at the asscrack of dawn, and it was a TELEMARKETER. And it was not even a person, it was a freakin' automated message. I slammed the damn thing back down and stormed back to my bedroom, where a bird started obnoxiously chirping right outside my window. Fuckin' douchebird. After this continued for literally 15 minutes, I went to the couch and tried to sleep there. I did sleep, but it hurt my neck.

Also, yesterday I bought a pack of mini chocolate bars and accidentally left them at my grandma's house. When I got to her house today, there were only 3 left. WHAT THE FUCK!? My grandpa doesn't eat them, my grandma can't eat them, and my dad and his girlfriend are on diets, so that means those 2 kids ate almost all of them all by their damn selves.

So, anyway, I suppose I should talk about some other things now. Yes. Umm, let's see... Well, my mom and sister STILL aren't home from St. Louis. They decided to stay through the 4th. I think they're coming home next week so my sister can go to some church thing, though.

Oh, FCG has this friend who's annoying but also super hot. And the annoying-yet-hot girl just revealed that she plays Nintendo 64. AND SHE QUOTES SCOTT PILGRIM. Oh god, if only she wasn't so annoying. Hahahaha! She made me have to get out my N64 and play some. I'm about to go play some Zelda after I finish writing this.

Speaking of FCG, a 30-year-old man who wears douchebaggy sunglasses tried to hit on her via facebook. She ignored him completely. Haha.

Wait... FCG. Oh god, using Glove Man's logic, I'll never see her again, and she means nothing. And that is just not acceptable. I really do need to talk to her more. I almost did a couple of days ago but right before I was going to, on facebook she was all, "MY PHONE IS DEAD I AM MAD GRR," so I didn't. Maybe I should use what Glove Man said as motivation to stop being such a loser. Hmm, yes, this is a nice, positive thing. I need more nice, positive things. I also need some iced coffee, but that is beside the point.

Oh, and I also heard from my grandpa that Wednesday and Thursday are going to be the two worst days of my life at work. :'( I am not looking forward to this.

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, A NEW ICE CREAM PLACE HAS APPEARED. We haven't had one in almost 2 years. I did indeed scream like a little kid upon noticing it.


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well my Junior year was pretty good since I picked out some chill classes and everything was fairly easy. That being said who knows? Your Junior year might be the best year ever (as in my case) or it could be the worst. But there are far too many variables in the mix for me to even help you out with my comment.

Just chill, you'll still have some friends left at the end I'm sure. The friends that are the most close to you will be connected to you via phone numbers, emails, et cetera. This was also my case, it could be your case too. I hope some of this could ease your mind.

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Well, I know what teachers

Well, I know what teachers I'll have, and I'm getting all the mean hardasses. I'll even still have that awful history teacher I had sophomore year. So the classes part probably won't be good, but it's too early to tell if the entire thing will be terrible or not.

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That may have been true

That may have been true before the internet, but now there are dozens of ways to keep in touch with people with little to no effort... So staying in touch with high school friends isn't difficult at all. Haha.

A lot of my friends are people I've been friends with since before high school. A lot of them live far away, or are in college, or are moving soon, or have made tons of new friends or whatever, but I'm not worried that I'll lose touch with them.

Soyeah. That's no reason to get lazy though. :P

Also, new ice cream stores are always a reason to celebrate. :)

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Yeah, this guy is about my

Yeah, this guy is about my dad's age, so he was in high school in the mid-80s, before the internet. So maybe it won't be like that for me because of the inernet.

I am so excited for the new ice cream store! :P