On the way home and what I've been doing the past 3 weeks

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So I'm done at MICA. We left on Saturday morning after 4 weeks there. At the end I really didn't want to leave--home won't feel like home anymore. I realized how little of a connection with people at home I have, which is sad, but since my friends have graduated I guess I kind of expeced it. At least a lot of us at the program shared the sentiment, and some of them don't even have decent art programs to go back to back home. I never got around to describing everyone I met there for you guys did I? I guess I'll use real names/initials here just because it's easier to keep track of and there's pretty much zero chance that they'll ever read this.

I shared a dorm with 2 other girls, F and R both of whom coincidentally were also taking the illustration core class, so we spent a lot of time together. They were both from the east coast, and R's work was amazing--really fun, crazy stuff and really colorful. F never seemed too happy about taking illustration, since drawing is her passion. The figure drawings she showed us at the end of the program were really interesting compositionally and really expressive. So obviously I was surrounded with a lot of talent. I was a little starstruck by most of the other students at the program actually.

Then there were the other friends I made there. Luke and Elli who were both from the Baltimore area. Elli was really strange but he was so fun and would say the most unexpeced things, and he was really passionate about history epecially wars. Luke was kind of an otaku, he's going to Otakon this coming weekend. He's also a theatre geek it seems like and we'd talk about teching for shows sometimes. When his school (which is an all guys Catholic school) did a production of Sweeney Todd, he was the guinea pig for testing the barber's chair, which didn' really go too smoothly. We both had in common not having really any female friends back home. That was something I really loved about this program, just socially. It turns out not even most girls are shallow and uninteresting, imagine that. Then there was Cleo who was the only one of my friends I made who was from the west coast, I think she's from outside of San Francisco, but I can't quite remember. She was a photography core at the program and she's a really big Harry Potter nerd, but surprisingly she's not in the fandom. She's really small maybe 5' tops, and she has bright ginger-red hair. And then there was Kara who was in oil painting. She constantly had so much energy and she'd run around like a crazy person, she was a lot of fun. She was realy into steampunk and there was this vest she bought at a sidewalk sale on this first weekend of the program before classes started even, that she wore all the time.

Outside of that group of friends was O, who I have to admit, I think I developed a crush on. She's from Long Island though, so I doubt I'll ever see her again, but I did friend her on FB though. She had short ginger-blonde straight hair, but somtime's she'd spike it up into a Matt-Smith-esque swoop, and she wore glasses. She does slam poetry and for the talent night that we had once she did a performance of Andrea Gibson's "Love Poem" and it was beautiful. She writes her own stuff too, and she read us some of it. I know I'm easily impressed by that sort of thing but I really did think it was phenomenal. She said she had a boyfriend back home, and I spoke to him once on ichat or something while she left the room and said to keep him entertained. He seemed nice (alhough I thought her teasing him about being "so gay" was pretty accurate). That was one thing about her that really confused me. She struck me as really queer, and yet she had a boyfriend, and she expressed a few times a preference for gender neutral things (names, clothing etc.) Like she said how little she identified with her given name, Olivia, that she never responds to it anymore. I don't know if I read too much into it, but it seemed to me that she might not identify completely as female. I thought to ask her if female pronouns were what she prefered people to use for her, but
I worried that asking a quesion like that when I had pretty much just met her would be potentially offensive, and I didn't want to risk that. I'm not sure if that was the right decision.

I had another crush too, though this one was even more hopeless. She was one of the TARCs which is pretty mcuh the same as an RA, and she was so cool. Everyone thought the same thing, she was definitely one of the favourites. Her name was Daney and she had this quirky sense of humour. She had a beautiful singing voice and she was the best dancer. And physically she was striking too; she had short black spikey hair that she wore in a mohawk frequently. She dressed in baggier cargo shorts and jeans and t-shirts and metal jewlery. One of the bracelets that she wore all the time was a fork that had been bent. And she had peircings, one cartlidge peircing on her right ear and two others on each side, and snake bites through her lip. It wasn't obnoxious though and lip peircings for me are such a turn on. It was a little pathetic I suppose, since Raisha would catch me staring at her sometimes and tease me about. Good-naturedly, of course. (She fancied one of the other TARCs so she wasn't really in a better position than me.)


As I'm writing this I'm on my laptop in the car driving down the Garden State Parkway with my dad on the way to Papa's, my dad's father's, house. We're lisening to Death Cab for Cutie on the stero. It'll be the first time I've been there since his wife died last year, so that'l be different.


Settled in at Papa's house for the night now and I'm drinking Earl Grey tea (the air conditioning is on and the house is freezing, even though it's not that warm outside.) We're only staying for a day, and we'll be home in Oregon by Thursday. I guess I expected it to be different here since it's just him now, but everything is just the same. I'll try to update more now that I'm not up til 2 and 3 in the morning working on artwork.