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I WAS going to tell you all about the good things that happened today, and maybe I still will, but my mom just... I don't even know. I'm really pissed at her right now.

Whenever she gets back from a trip, she always acts all fake nice for a day or so, then she reverts back to her normal bitchy self. By the time I got in tonight, she had returned, and she did the annoying thing where she squeezes me to death and pretends to have missed me. After I had managed to struggle free, she dropped the bomb.

"Today I asked your dad to get back together with me, but he said no..."

No fucking shit he rejected you. He hates you AND he's been in a relationship with someone else, an actual nice lady, for 2 years now.

"I know he'll want to eventually, though. That's why I never actually signed the divorce papers. He WILL want me again one day."

...WHAT? So THAT'S how you've been able to mooch off of him! That's fucking low.

Why would he EVER want you? He hasn't in over 2 years, so why the hell do you think he would now? Especially after he found someone else! You're lazy and irresponsible and completely unstable. You treated him like shit for at least 7 years; probably even longer but I wasn't old enough to really notice it before them. You don't want him, you want a wallet and a dick. (I'm completely fucking serious. She said, "Well, I guess I'm not gonna try to sleep with someone who's in another relationship..." like that's all she wanted him for.) And you're probably just mad because all of your boyfriends after him turned out to be either drug addicts or cheating on you with a girl my age. And how could you have never signed those papers after 2 and a half years? Get the fuck away from my dad.

I can't even begin to express my complete and utter disgust. I'm honestly surprised I was able to even form sentences while typing. I feel like I'm going to vomit. I didn't even look at her or say anything. I just turned away.

Anyway, I had originally planned to tell you guys about how today was my grandma's birthday. We went out to eat at this good restaurant, and the waitress was GORGEOUS. Like... She was easily one of the top 10 prettiest girls I've ever seen in real life. Her eyes really reminded me of FCG's, and she had such a cute smile and such shiny straight blonde hair and just oh god. I felt so nervous and awkward around her. Hahaha. Like OH GOD IS SHE GOING TO THINK I'M A FATTY IF I ORDER THIS? IS MY MAKEUP STILL ON?

Also, there was cake. Delicious, delicious, wonderful cake.

And before that, while I was at my dad's girlfriend's house, I got to cuddle with the fluffiest, happiest cat ever. :D I wish my cat was that affectionate!

Sorry, I just really had to write about what my mom did earlier tonight. It really pissed me off... But I didn't want to just have this angry rage journal so I added some other stuff!


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Your mom sounds like a

Your mom sounds like a douche, dude. No offense. But hey, if she wants to make her own crappy decisions, then that's her problem. That's kinda the attitude I have towards my dad. Indifference really helps :P

Also, hooray for hot blonde waitresses! And cuddling with cats! :D

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She is a mega super ultra

She is a mega super ultra douche. I try to be indifferent but it's hard when I have to live with her and she constantly tells me all these things about how ~hard and depressing~ her life is. Every single conversation turns to that. I could ask her if we have fresh bread and she'd start ranting about my dad or the fact that she has no money when she won't even look for a job.

And I know right! :D Those were the highlights of my day. Haha.

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Your mom would fit in on a few websites we frequent with THAT attitude... :P
That's redick!

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She so would! Hahaha!

She so would! Hahaha!

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If you already know she's a bit crazy, not sure why anything like this would even surprise you anymore.

Also, once you're living apart a certain amount of time, I think he can get a divorce finalized without her signature, although divorce laws vary by state. Plus, if someone doesn't sign, you could always pursue it as a civil case, where she would have to pay for her own lawyer for the proceedings. People usually sign because it is the cheapest way out, as opposed to paying for a lawyer for a long period of time, so if he really wants one, he would likely be able to get it easily.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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I don't know why I'm

I don't know why I'm surprised anymore. I guess it's just because it seemed like a really low thing to do even for her.

I think she knows I was mad because today she started talking about it again. She mentioned, "I guess I'll sign the papers now..." but she didn't understand why my dad is so mad at her.