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who else died during that heat wave

i'm back home and quitting my job tomorrow...
back to making smoothis is 3 weeks yay

this journal sucks but i'm alive yall
i'm also paula deen


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Maybe I missed something,

but I don't get it about the "heat wave". Doesn't this happen every summer? I mean really, it's hot don't go outside and fry. Maybe I'm used to the heat since I live where I live. When I see people complain about it just ticks me, it's really not that bad. Just go inside and cool off. And then there are bad parents.

How many children have died in cars this summer? I don't remember, but seriously, DON'T LEAVE YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR IN THE SUMMER TIME OR ANYTIME! Just blowing off steam... Hello Paula Deen, meet Saladin. lol

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I think the heat is worse for Magic, since he's already so hot to begin with, hehehe.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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I don't recall heat waves

I don't recall heat waves with this much severity. I've never had the need for air conditioning in Vermont, and suddenly, we needed air conditioning this summer...

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I know exactly what you mean

I know exactly what you mean by the heat wave thing. For the past two weeks it's been around 100 degrees where I am :|

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wow i think i was drunk when

wow i think i was drunk when i wrote this