Staplers Stopped Me From Drowning

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Today, my least favorite person ever came into the store. My chemistry teacher from 10th grade... Ugh, she was terrible. You know, the one who told me I was never going anywhere in life? The one who didn't know how to do any math at all and mispronounced every other word? The one who abandoned us on exam review day, then refused to get the test rescheduled? Yeah, that one. There's a chance I could have her as a homeroom teacher this year. That thought makes me want to curl into a ball on my bedroom floor and vomit. My second option for homeroom is Mrs. History Teacher, which is not much better. The only even slightly okay option is the pre-cal teacher. I must get her; I can't deal with those other two first thing in the morning. Or ever, really, but especially not at 8 a.m.

My grandpa had to go find something for a dude on the phone so he left me alone with her! It was terrible! Soooo awkward.

She also asked me if I was excited for school to start. (Sigh, someone asks me this every day, and I really hate this question!) I told her that no, I was not excited. She seemed unable to comprehend this and demanded to know why.


1.) That place is like, dumbfuck central. Half the teachers are for-real unqualified (I had a librarian for an English teacher in 9th grade, and she didn't even know what adverbs were! She had never been an English teacher before.), half the guys are immature assholes, and half the girls are either genuinely stupid or pretend to be so to get guys.
2.) I'll get to be called useless and inadequate every day by Mrs. History Teacher for a whole 'nother year! YAAAYYY, WHAT FUN! (I passed that stupid AP exam, by the way, when she said I wouldn't, but I bet I'm still a dumbass to her!)
3.) I'll have no FCG to hug and pet the hair of and be entertained by...
4.) I feel like shit 90% of the time I'm there. Need I go on?

However, I wimped out on giving any of those reasons and instead went with, "Because I've discovered the joy of making money!" She then proceeded to bombard me with questions about how much I make and what I plan to do with it. Thankfully, my grandpa reappeared, so she paid for her stuff and left.

Oh, shit, I have a school newspaper assignment I forgot all about. Damn. I only just started on my summer homework today. Hahaha. I have 3 books to read and too much history homework to even begin to describe. Today, I got out one of the books and read... one chapter! At least it's a start, right? It's actually not that bad so far. I'm pleasantly surprised; usually the ones the school picks put me right to sleep.

So, I've been playing Pokemon Yellow lately. When I was 5, Pikachu seemed soooo strong, but now he is mega useless. And in this game, he can't even evolve into my favorite Pokemon, Raichu! It brings back great memories, though! Back when the game was current, I used to visit an older cousin a lot. He is about 6 or 7 years older than me, and he loved games too. He taught me how to actually train more than one Pokemon. He also helped me train a Nidoking on Yellow version all the way up to level 100. :D I haven't seen him since he was in high school, though, and he's like 23 and in the army now...

I'm going to talk to FCG sometime this week. She's moving away to her college in less than a month... I don't talk to her as often as I'd like, but I've honestly done a lot better job of it than I realistically thought I would. I was so terrible at keeping in touch with the last girl I liked after she had to move.

Anyway, who wants to see my favorite commercial? Why is it my favorite commercial, you ask? Well... Uh... Just look at it! No explanation needed!

Those are, like, juice kinda drinks or something. They're alright, but now they are WAY more alright. I'm gonna buy some tomorrow. I have never enjoyed a commercial this much before. Every commercial ever should be like this.

AHH! They have a website where you can try to have a staring contest with her! Hahahaha! Look! Why is she sooooo hot?! Why do I love women so much?! She is, like, almost as hot as Amber Heard. Almost.

My mom told me once that all the girls I find attractive look exactly the same... :'(


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Well XP

You sure like blond skinny girls XD
That's redick!

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XD Well yeah, but not every

XD Well yeah, but not every skinny blonde girl looks exactly alike!!!