The Nasty Store

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Right across the street from where I work is a tiny grocery store. I don't know its name; it has no sign or anything. In my family, it is known as "The Nasty Store," which I will explain in a minute. I'm surprised it's still in business, really, because usually people either go to the nearest Walmart (20 minute drive) or the gas station for food. The gas station actually has really good cooked food, plus basic things like bread and milk.

When I was about 2 or 3, my grandma took me in there, and I apparently yelled out, "WOW, THIS STORE IS REALLY NASTY, GRANNY! :D IT'S THE NASTY STORE! NASTY STORE, NASTY STORE!" I haven't been back since. Hahaha.

Until today.

Now, it has been about 13-14 years since the last time I've been in there, so I didn't remember what it looked like. Going in there was quite the experience. And holy freakin' shit, was it nasty! Nothing was organized except, oddly, the beer and soda section. There were boxes EVERYWHERE, and no one was unloading them or anything. The dust on the floor was thick. I was wandering the aisles while my grandma was searching for milk, since the gas station didn't have any.

I eventually came upon a can of frosting that was probably old enough to vote, and I am seriously not even exaggerating. It was faded, attached to the shelf with cobwebs, and I couldn't really read the label since it was mostly white. I wanted to find an expiration date. Haha. Sadly, I couldn't... But I swear that thing was OLD.

Also, I love Creepypasta lately. All the possessed video game ones make me wanna play some old school Pokemon... I think I'll restart Yellow version. Haha, I need to stop reading it before it gets too late at night, though.

And I made muffins again! I've eaten two already, haha. But in my defense, I haven't had much to eat today. And why does muffin batter taste so damn good?

FCG decided she hates Walmart. I don't blame her. Hahaha. Oh, she is so cute... I wish I could, like, randomly run into her somewhere like I did at that restaurant last month. I love talking to her, but alas, I cannot get FCG hugs through the phone.

And my mom and sister are on another trip! Yay! House to myself again! I was so sick of them.

I think I slightly burned my finger on my steering wheel today. It hurt earlier a little, but not so much now. The interior of my car is black and grey, so it gets very hot in there. And it was 107 degrees today. Ugh.

Ugh, I am sick at the idea of school starting in a few weeks. I hate that fucking place and everything about it.

I also hate my fucking house phone. 90% of the people who call are telemarketers, and the ring is so shrill and irritating. They always wake me up in the morning. They call the second I sit down to eat. They call the second I step out of the shower. They call when I'm trying to... uh... have alone time. Every time I answer it, I usually end up slamming it down in a rage. I try to ignore the telemarketers, but it's so impossible because of that damn ring. The sound of the phone at work doesn't bother me, but this particular ring, oh my god. It fills me with a rage I have never felt before. It's like someone fucking me in the ears with steak knives. I just turned down the volume on the phone, but that doesn't change the sound of the ring. Sadly, I can't just turn it off altogether because my grandma has not entered the 21st century and won't call me on my cellphone, and she calls literally like 6 times a day. I never know when it's something important or not, so I can't just ignore her calls.


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GAAAH I just typed a nice

GAAAH I just typed a nice long comment out and then it was destroyed. Dammit =(

okay quick summary: you guys need to switch to celsius because 100 degrees is the point at which water boils dammit, telemarketers are annoying half the calls are automated anyways so scream to your heart's content, call FCG and ask her to chill.

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It sucks so much when that happens!

Hahaha, yeah, when I wrote that it was 107 degrees I briefly wondered what non-Americans would initially think.

I've always been afraid to yell at the telemarketers because one time, when I was like 9, I answered the phone and there was a telemarketer, so I said telemarketers were stupid and hung up, and my mom got all mad. But she's not even here right now so I shouldn't be scared. Haha.

I feel less anxiety when I talk to her now, but I'm scared to ask her to do that... I mean, I would really like to, but she seems to have a pretty busy social life already.

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Hmmm...My boyfriend loves

Hmmm...My boyfriend loves creepypasta.
I, on the other hand, am an absolute wimp when it comes to suspense or horror. I literally jump at, say, the sudden but inevitable appearance of a reever.
Bronwyn finds this insanely amusing.

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I am the captain of my soul"

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Hahaha, the irony is I can't

Hahaha, the irony is I can't even handle horror movies or anything. I hate scary stuff, but I can't stop reading creepypasta.

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if your grandma calls you six times a day, and 90% off the calls aare tellemarketers, you get at least 60 calls a day? ;D

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That is about how it feels!

That is about how it feels!