Two queer girls

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Here is a music video involving two queer(?) girls that actually doesn't come off as completely exploitative!

I just looked at the description below it and it says: Two girls cast love spells and chase each other through time, space and dimension on a Friday night in their bedroom.

So WAIT - are they in love with each other or not? Cause that was always my assumption... I'm not alone, right?

Sucky stuff that happened in TV land this week:

Dani Shay went home on America's Got Talent. I'm not saying she didn't deserve to go home because I too was disappointed with her last song... but it still kinda sucks. My dad was a fan of hers too and said he won't be keeping up with the show any more since she's gone.

FUCKING BIG BROTHER. Not sure if anyone watches... but this season they brought back six past contestants and mixed them in with a bunch of new people. I was pretty much okay with that after my initial reaction of NOOOOOOO NO MORE BRENDON AND RACHEL!!!!!!

BUT this week fucking Rachel went on a crusade to kick off the only new person that I actually like. And no, the reason I like her and wanted her to stay is not because she is extremely attractive. Though I will admit she is. XD

Guess I'm pulling for Jeff and Jordan now.


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Aw, that's a cute video.

Aw, that's a cute video. Thanks for sharing =)