Wedding bells have rung.

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June 25th 1030 AM, Robb and I stood before a Judge in Council Bluffs Iowa and got married. We have been together for over 21 years now and its about time we could legally get married. We had our two best friends as our man and woman of honor present. We also had our names legally changed before the court and judge to a combination of our two last names. After wards we went on a long trip to the east coast for a honeymoon, Went to Boston and whale watching, To Mystic harbor and went sailing on a schooner. Then to Johnstown Pa for a family reunion and party celebrating our wedding. After that we did some Genealogy in Lancaster Pa where both of our ancestors came from and found graves and names we did not know about, interesting facts too. Then went towards home again with a stop to see the Studebaker museum where I drooled over all the old cars. They should offer towels there I think. LOL. Arrived back home on the 12th of July. One of our kitty's has disappeared, and we fear the worst for him. All other pets were OK, watched by the neighbor's little girls who took good care of them. So now I am married to my partner but now have a dilemma. How do I introduce him,,,,as my spouse? or Husband? or definitely not that last one. Any suggestions?


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He's your husband, yes? And

He's your husband, yes? And you are his. That's what I'd say, as long as you want to subscribe to the traditional titles of married life.

more importantly, CONGRATULATIONS. ^.^

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I think it's just husband.

Unless, of course, you know the person you're talking to is slightly queasy about gays. Then, it's lover.

But either way, congratulations!

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Thanks Genius is not a sign


Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

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Personally I think it is

Personally I think it is just husband...

If the other person doesn't like it... well that his just there problem :D

Yet congratulations :D

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Woo, congrats. Husband. Or

Woo, congrats.

Husband. Or partner, that's what all the vaguely closeted partnered-up people seem to use here.

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Congratulations, OldFoxBob!

21 years is a long time. I love that you did a combo for the last name.

I hope to get there someday myself.

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-Leliana, Dragon Age

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Sorry the comment is late. I wish you and your husband many happy years of marriage. :-)

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Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.