And yet another rant.

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Holy poop. Driving with my mom is so stressful. Like it's crazy - she doesn't trust me driving, I swear. And she thinks how I drive and the reason behind how I drive is ridiculous.

See, I'm all about not using gas. I'm not paying for it, because I couldn't find a summer job, but even still, having decent fuel economy, in my book, is paramount to our continued existence. And the things I do aren't even that crazy - or at least they aren't in my book... All I do is drive, at the most, 60 mph on any interstate and I turn my car off at stop lights. Well, I also turn my car off on certain hills. But not with her in the car, because she'd freak out.

And you can really notice the effects. Like REALLY notice. My Subaru Outback has a fuel economy rating of 22/28 as an auto. I'm getting above 29 right now. Granted that's about 10% city driving - but even still, I'm getting better than the EPA estimated highway fuel economy. I just wish my Subaru came in something lower than a 2.5 L. Like, a 2.0 L or even a 2.2 L.

Although, I guess I'll have to deal with a 2.5 L engine. It's not like it's TERRIBLY huge, and it's a fantastic engine. It's an H-4 (technically, it's classified as an F-4, as H types don't exist) and built for an AWD car. Basically all AWD cars have engine placed off to the side, and have bypasses in their drive train. What car companies do is build off of basic designs, and the designs for companies like Honda and Ford are based off of FW drive trains. So they simply just add the bypasses to make the cars AWD. Subaru, on the other hand, just plopped the engine, right in the middle, and built the drive train and transmission around it.

Oh, and if my Subaru gets in a front end collision, the engine actually drops out of the engine bay, thereby displacing collision force downwards. Actually, the entire drive train just drops out.

Actually, Subaru Boxer engines are just inherently better than most other engines. The pistons lay flat and oppose each other - they "box" each other (hence the name, Subaru Boxer Engine). Other engines, such as inlines or v-types have forces directed downwards and unopposed. Boxers are just much more stable.

Okay... I'm ranting about my car now. I think it's time to stop haha.