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So I've been doing very well recently and I'm very thankful for that. Today was very nice, except for one thing. My favorite music store has gone out of business. What's worse is there are very few music stores in the city, and the old fall back doesn't sell the products I need for my instruments. So I've been pondering, "where do I go from here?".

So that's been a headache. I should've bought the materials I needed when I had the chance, but I didn't think something like this would happen. I suppose the family running it just doesn't have the means to support it anymore. It's just so tragic for me. So now the only place where I can get my materials is in the city.

And that music store sells everything for ridiculous prices, and by ridiculous, I mean extremely high. So a set of $6 string from the old music store is $10 from the music store in the city. And yes before anyone accuses me of Internet illiteracy I have thought of online music shops. But I don't want to charge anything on my card.

I just want to get everything the same day and pay with cash so I can get what I need the same day without any hassle. Charging on a card is just something I don't want to do unless I really need to. But buying recreational things isn't really counting as something that would justify my use of my card.

So I either pay out of my ass for the music store in the city with cash, or I pay out of my ass for products on the internet with my card. It's quite the quandary. I wish there were more music stores than store that sell drug paraphernalia. But I suppose music takes a backseat to drugs and alcohol. It is a city after all.

Sometimes I'd like to think of myself opening up a music store and taking suggestions for what should be sold there. This way people won't need to jump to and fro between music stores. Anything to make it easier on the musicians in this city.


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Get a debit card?

LOTS of stores going out of business these days, due to the Internet: book stores, record stores, etc., typically stores with commodities or things being sold digitally. If you buy a certain brand string from a certain store or online, the string is the same. So, therefore, you have to pay more to buy it locally with the rent, staff, overhead, whereas an Amazon has them all on a shelf with millions of other things, and when you order it, they pitch it in a box. Not sure it's going to change...

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I have a Debit card. But I dislike having to use one.

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This journal is hardly angsty. I was expecting something... drama-filled.

Good, I guess.

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I consider anything I write "angsty" whenever I use profanity.

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ass? That's a pretty low bar for profanity. ;-)

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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What's the matter with

What's the matter with charging to a card? I love it - it's the only payment method I use. I can't stand change, I always lose it. Besides, by having a line of credit, and actively using that line of credit, it can only be good for your credit history =]

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I laugh at you past-me! You crazy! No one told you about the refund check you would receive that you could use for personal and educational expenditures! But now you, or I know! HAHA TO YOU! Or me.