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On the trail, the question we always ask is 'Why do we do this?' And maybe we answer 'Because it's fun' or 'Because it's awesome' or 'Because it's the best way to see beautiful places like the Sierras,' or sometimes we answer 'No idea.' But I think it may be more for the days after coming home - when it feels so good to do such everyday things as eat fresh food and take a shower, and when there can be no guilt in sitting around and watching television all day because hey, I just climbed Mount Whitney... twice...

And on the trail we forget that it's not normal to eat every meal out of the same mug, to be encrusted with a week's grime and grease and dust, to carry a forty-pound pack all day.

...And there'd be a lot more to this entry if I were using an actual computer with a keyboard rather than this blasted tiny gizmo, but by the time I get to a computer again, the post-backpacking state will have worn off...


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I've never been on a nature hike or anything similar, I think it's great that you do such things. :-)