brushed red, painted black

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(musical interlude)

the stability is failing and this is the first part of my humiliation, my revenge on myself.

i'm at school, i'm hungover as shit, my mom decided she didn't want to see me last night so i sort of got kicked out, i feel ghostly, as though this fatigue is non-human. i've been plagued by these really terrible dreams that insects are eating my body while i watch, powerless.

i don't know. i finally have everything, i guess.


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That compulsion...

to summon certain humiliation :(

Could you explain for the edification of all?

And... I'd bet your condition precluded even one memorable orgasm (self inflicted... or otherwise)?

So... where did you spend the night (morning)?

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i came home and i was stoned

i came home and i was stoned as hell (it was about 6- i had smoked up with a friend after class) and i went to go rest and my mother got mad... so i left and went to my boyfriend's place

no orgasms by the way

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Being stoned...

...can have that effect :(

But... you at least wanted to?

How can you stand the frustration?