Drugs and Alcohol

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I've fallen completely head over heals for this man whom I've been involved with yet not actually been dating or seeing. hes a bit of a free spirit that believes it is selfish to limit your body to one person. he has a drug problem and a problem with alcohol. hes wasted every other night while popping oxies. hes gotten help for his drug addiction but i still fear for his health and well being.

he has a few other small flaws but i love him none the less. he seems to show no interest in me and my brain is telling me i shouldn't pursue this as a relationship but my heart is telling me to hug him and love him and be with him forever.

i don't know what to do and i truly dont believe he will or wants to change anytime soon. but i will never stop loving him. argh what to do.....................


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The body is just a vessel

The body is just a vessel