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The air conditioners in most of my classrooms at school are broken. It averages about 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in August. This is bullshit. The air conditioner in my car is also broken! Yay, roasting in the 100 degree heat for about 7 hours a day is SO FUCKING ORGASMIC! Except not.

Hmm, what else has happened? Oh, my Pre-Cal teacher just randomly decided we have a test tomorrow. No warning or anything. Just halfway through class she said, "Oh, and there's a test tomorrow." Fuck her. And that Speech teacher did the same thing! At least that stuff is just common sense, though.

And some stupid fucknugget upset FCG. I don't know what happened, really, only that she posted a very upset Facebook status last night and then deleted her Facebook. So now I can't keep up with her on Facebook and actually have to talk to her more. Naturally, I am panicking. I'm gonna talk to her later this week... I hope it goes better than last time.

But that's not the nincompoopery I'm here to tell you guys about. Oh, no, it gets way worse. That's just the nincompoopery of the general universe. You guys want to hear about the really good stuff... And that, my friends, is the nincompoopery of my mother, who is basically a 12-year-old girl in a 42-year-old body.

My mother, as many of you know, is kind of, well, boy-crazy. Uhh, man-crazy, at her age, I guess? But yeah, as soon as she meets a new guy, she is always instantly "in love with" him. A month ago, she was trying to get my dad back even though he has had a girlfriend for 2 years. That fiasco ended quickly, however, because 3 weeks ago, my mom met a new guy.

She started doing all the annoying things she does whenever she becomes obsessed, such as talking to him for 12 hours straight on the phone and turning every conversation no matter what the subject into one about him. Then, after 2 weeks of talking to him online, she invited him to visit.

He was very normal-seeming, though he looked and sounded quite like my uncle. How is that not weird for my mom? Anyway, yeah, he wasn't much of a problem. It's what happened after he went back home that's the problem.

My mom said she is "head over heels in love with him" and "is marrying him and moving to Tennessee in less than a year." Bear in mind she has known this guy for 3 weeks.

What the actual fuck?

She said I could either go with her or stay here. I mean, I hate it here with a burning passion, but I also really am not a fan of the area in Tennessee they would be going to. I used to be dragged there at least 4 times a year until I was 10, and I NEVER liked it. I've also hated it even more each time I've been back. I would never choose to move there, much less into the house of a guy I don't even know! I've said maybe 2 words to the guy! Hell, I would be wary of moving into, say, my dad's girlfriend's house, and I've known her for 2 years. Some stranger's house? No fucking way!

I told her point-blank that it was extremely silly to be planning to marry and move in with a guy she's talked to for 3 weeks and that she should probably slow down. She said that she WAS slowing down! (Damn, I'd hate to see "fast" then!)

She then proceeded to say how she only knew my dad for 6 months before she married him. Uhh, yes, and look how that turned out. And she said the same things about her other two boyfriends, and they were both fucked up to the max. There was the drug addict one who used to beat his ex-wife and then the one who cheated on her with a 17-year-old...

She's going to visit him tomorrow for about a week. He was just here a few days ago... But she "can't STAND to be away from him for a minute longer!"


Anyway, just because I feel the need to share:

Sweet dreams, Oasis~ :D


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Parents complain about crazy

Parents complain about crazy hormonal teenage children, but it seems when the roles are reversed it's 100000000000000000000 times worse. That really must be a nightmare. Well, on the, er, bright side, if your mom moves away does that mean you get to live on your own?

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No, I would live with my

No, I would live with my dad, but he's okay so that's not a problem.

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You say you hate where you live with your mom and sister, but would you hate it as much if you lived there without your mom and sister? Your time there is limited anyway...right?

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It would still be awful

It would still be awful because this town is unsafe, populated mostly by total jackasses, and there's not much to do. But yeah, I'll only be here for a little less than 2 years.