Freedom is within my grasp

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school is finally starting back up and I'm EXCITED AS ALL HELL. I've technically graduated but I'm enrolled in a "supper senior year" at the Vo-Tech school and will be working there full-time. HELL YEAH. I've also just gained employment elsewhere so ill soon be able to support myself, YAY FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE AND STABILITY!!!!! hopefully going into the business field while working a few music related side projects as well as a few graphics related jobs here and there. just because i have a knack for business doesn't mean I'm giving up my passions and dreams. I've got a life planned for myself and am sooooooo overjoyed that things are for once actually going according to plan. i don't think I've ever been this happy.


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It's great to see there's

It's great to see there's some metal fans on here!

I applaud you for wanted to be out and on your own, it's not going to be easy with it can be done! You have a good head on your shoulders so I think you'll be fine.

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