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Do you know what's terribly frustrating? When people try and invite themselves places. Obviously if I didn't extend an invitation to you, I don't particularly care for you coming with me. Further, it's incredibly rude to invite yourself to anything. You seem desperate and needy. Not stellar attributes.

Anyway, my best friend, Hannah, has her girl friend, now foster sister, Shelbie. Hannah can't accompany me to Maine, and I already knew that. So I simply didn't invite Hannah. I figured Shelbie wouldn't want to go without Hannah, because she's a dependent looney, so I just didn't invite (I didn't want her coming anyway. She's a whirl-wind of irrationality). Besides, my friends Emily (who's Hannah's sister) and Lyla are coming, and they don't particularly care for Shelbie either. Actually Emily just plain old hates Shelbie and Shelbie knows it. So, why would I extend an invitation to Shelbie? AND BESIDES, IT'S MY FAMILY'S SUMMER ESTATE. I INVITE WHO I WANT. We're running out of room. The White Guest Cottage is full, the Office doesn't house people anymore, the Main House is full and the Yellow Guest Cottage is full. What's left? The window seats in the Main House? Yea, sorry, not that desperate for guests.

Then I'm going to PA with Hannah, to go visit my friends Jess and Tommy. Shelbie keeps on asking me why she wasn't invited. I always avoid answering, but I seriously want to take a wooden mallet and hit her sometimes. Like... maybe I didn't invite her, because I don't want her to accompany us. Shocking, right? It's logical. Maybe that's why it phases her.

But she's also crossed some boundaries with me in terms of Tommy. See, Tommy and I share some similarities - we're both gay, we're both named Thomas, we both have best friends named Hannah and we both have similar mannerisms, etc. So, he and Hannah talk, for natural reasons - his best friend is also named Hannah. But Shelbie got jealous that Tommy was texting me and Hannah, so she went into my iPhone. She sent his contact information to her phone, and started texting him. All without my permission or Tommy's permission. Like, the fuck? Who does that? That's seriously creepy, right? She fucking violated my privacy, and Tommy's privacy and stole data.

Oh, and Shelbie, Lyla and Emily all think I should date Tommy. He lives in fucking PA first of all, a good eight hours away, and his boyfriend has cancer. Desmoplastic small round-cell tumors, to be exact. Anyone heard of it? Nope? There's a reason - it's an incredibly rare, childhood disease. He has a 30% chance of living after five years. First off, I don't tear people apart. Not my thing. Secondly, HIS BOYFRIEND HAS FUCKING CANCER! What terribly disgusting person would seriously home wreck that shit?


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Sounds like Shelbie will be out of the picture entirely if proximity isn't a factor at some point.

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Sounds like a troubled person... Sounds a bit like me a year ago. Hm.

I suggest being entirely blunt with her. If she truly is anything like I was, she needs a slap in the face. Figuratively and literally.

Oh, and if you don't enjoy her company, don't keep her company. That's foolishness on its own.

Likke til, vennen.

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If you don't mind (*-_^*)

I have an idea for detaching her.

1st step: You find a reason that she can't come with you.
Ex: you don't have room, some one urgently needs her help with something while you're away, or she mysterisly get's a flat tire on her way to the air port or... something like that.

2nd step: Tell Tommy to never ever reply to her calls, and when she complains tell her that his phone has whacked out and is deleting random messages from people whose name starts with the leter H.

;) 3rd and most important step (;
Tell her to F***ing shut up sit her down and tell her that she's being inconsiderate, is invading you're and Tommy's privacy, and if she want's to be you're friend that she should stop.

P.S. Totally agree with you about Tommy and his boyfriend, and 30% chance of living? not the best of odds but I've gotten away with things on less.

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Luckily she doesn't have her

Luckily she doesn't have her license yet and she can't drive standard (which is what her foster family drives, and only drives) :D And we drive to Maine, as it's only like six hours away. Vermont and Maine are pretty close. They're basically siblings. But we have that annoying New Hampshire in the middle, which by the way, no one likes. Worst New England state. Ever.

And I did flip on her about how that was weird and creepy, taking Tommy's information like that. I also deleted his number and their texts from her iPhone. Sooooooo, that's finished with.

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Good to hear

and I'm glad every thing worked out alright.

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Oh I have friends who invite

Oh I have friends who invite themselves to stuff. They don't seem to understand that no matter how much I love them they're not automatically entitled to go with me everywhere. I learned to stop mentioning plans to anyone not involved. And I mean, that was with people I generally enjoy the company of, it's sososo much worse when it's someone you don't. XP