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I've consumed zero calories today so far. It's really different for me. Usually, I consume something like 3,000 calories a day. I love food. I really do. I love cooking it, and I especially love eating it.

But not today. No food for me today. And it's all in preparation for something so incredibly sinful, yet soooo delicious.

The Vermonster.

That's twenty scoops of ice cream, a fudge brownie, four bananas, three cookies, four ladles of hot fudge and whipped cream. All for a whopping 14,000 calories. Half a kilogram just of fat.

Granted I'm eating it with two other people...

But wish me luck :D


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That's one of the reasons I love swim meets, because I come home and I've gotten so much exercise that I'm RAVENOUSLY hungry, and I can just eat and eat and eat because I've already burned off a whole buncha calories.
Same with swimming in general. Like how Michael Phelps eats like 8,000 calories a day, I is jealous!

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I don't even think Michael

I don't even think Michael Phelps could handle this... Ugh...

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Is there some point to eating it?

Ben did have a quintuple heart bypass surgery... heh.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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To say you did it?

To say you did it?

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Oooh ice cream is the best

Oooh ice cream is the best thing ever in the whole world. One day I shall try this Vermonster thingy. I wanna see how much of it I can eat before I explode.

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Are you fasting, or eating weird fake food with all the nutrition left out?

That Vermonster looks fantastic, though. I would take at least a week to eat it, 'cause I'm not a super eating champion...
Is there a prize for one person eating it all unassisted in one sitting? Has anyone ever done it?

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I fasted today to eat the

I fasted today to eat the fucking thing. My friends and I (three of us all together) made it half way through... Ugh... I feel gross.

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omfg.... 14 000 calories is


14 000 calories is what i eat in like a month O_O

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You eat less than 500

You eat less than 500 calories a day? Mind you, I ate it with two other people...

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Everyone knows that Magic Fantastic is a stickman. He probably starved to death a long time ago and is now a dead stickman.

Nothing wrong with dead stickmen, I suppose...

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Mmm. Holocaust styled diet.

Mmm. Holocaust styled diet. Awesome.

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that looks...

delicious, where can I get it???

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Any Ben and Jerry Scoop

Any Ben and Jerry Scoop Shop.