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This is going to be an actual journal for once....

So I'm back at school three days a week, I'm aiming to get over 90 in every class... well, i don't really have a choice. I'm looking to go into a photography program at my university of choice and it's extremely competitive, so I need to put everything to my advantages. I'm asking every teacher if they will accept extra credit work.

Best part of this semester will definitely be my advanced darkroom course. I'm looking to produce very eerie, haunting work - lots of double exposures, collages... In addition, a small gallery set inside a thrift store has agreed to buy my work, so i'll be finally making money from art.

Worst part will be digital photography - the teacher is not very good, presented incorrect facts during her initial presentation and stated that in her class we must use her processes and techniques... What is the point in attending art school if you can't venture? I mean, I understand that it's a beginner class (which is a prerequisite to the advanced course, which I want next semester) but...

Things are going ok with my boyfriend.

I've started working at the fashion blog, PM me and I'll link you.
I'm also still working at a call center part time which is great money I suppose

As for my mental state I've been having a lot of trouble thinking straight these days and seeing things as they should be. Haven't been sleeping much and whenever I do I keep having these dreams that insects are eating me alive so it isn't a lot of rest, I'm living off caffeine.


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Would this be year 13?

Am I right that Canadians have one more year (sort of = college freshman) of secondary school over what we have here down below?

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In Quebec we have 5 years of

In Quebec we have 5 years of high school, 2 years of CEGEP and 3 years of university.

The rest of Canada has 6 years of high school and 4 years of university.