Happy Eid!

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So this is a journal I've benn wanting to write for a few days but I've been a bit busy with the return of the swollen lymphnode but suffice it to say I've been optimistic about it. So I've not been worrying about it or doing any independent research. I'm fairly happy for the time being and I'm getting some more medical help.

So what I'm trying to say about my "lymph" is that I'm not really on edge and worrying all the time about it. So my mental state isn't deteriorating or anything because of it. Now, my college has been going very well. I used to think college was going to be super hard and adjusting would be difficult but to my surprise it's been pretty easy.

This isn't to say all of college is easy but I'm just saying I've had a very easy time adjusting to the enviornment and workload. Now onto something I was very happy about yesterday, IT FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL! OH SHIT IT'S LIKE RIGHT NEXT TO ME! My Qur'an has arrived and it's with me. To my surprise it wasen't exactly the way it was shown in the photo.

The black and gold Qur'an I saw on the picture didn't match the Qur'an I received. But this is the awesome part. The Qur'an was colored dark Green with Gold trimming and red applied very tastefully along the gold trimming. It sort of reminds me of Christmas and African dress due to the styling, but it's better than I had been hoping for.

It's really the pride of my book collection right now and I've been flipping in and out of it when I get the time to. It even has a nice sewn-in hand-woven book marking strip colored green. If I'm correct this Qur'an was assembled in Beirut, Lebanon. It's so nice (I'm desperately trying not to sound like I'm bragging). It's very well constructed as well.

And in fact it almost reminds me of a Gideon edition of the Holy Bible. The green background is very reminiscent of the green bibles they distribute throughout hotels. Ok, so I finally digress. Here is where things get heavy. Last week on my first day of College, my grandfather passed due to a freak accident at the doctors office.

It was a very unexpected turn of events, two days before my Mother and I went to go see him and he was doing fairly well. But something went wrong and he never came out of his coma. He died about a half hour after the incident so I'm told. He will be missed but now he is with my Grandmother in Paradise, they're both enjoying the hereafter.

They are both reunited again for eternity and they are with God and the Prophets and many, many other people. I know they are both happy now although we may cry and mourn the loss of my Grandfather, and still my Grandmother, I am glad to know they are at peace at last. Yes I do miss them dearly but someday, I will be with them also.

This is to say however the time is far from now, God willing.
I know this journal is messy but I thank you for reading.


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Wow... I am gald that you

Wow... I am gald that you where able to get your book... :D I wish I had one, it sounds like a really nice one :)

As for what you said about your grandfather... I am sorry that happened, but for some reason when I think about heaven in the context of which you speak...(And that includes the fact you mean it as a Muslim...) It just seems more peaceful than any other time I have ever though about it... werid huh...?

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Sorry to hear about your grandfather...

WTF is Eid?

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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A holiday or feast!


The 3-day holiday coming at the end of Ramadhan is known as Eid al-Fitr عيد الفةر --- "The Feast of Breaking the Ramadhan Fast."

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Very well put Elph. :-)