How do I tell her

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Hi everyone I am new here now here is my problem is someone can give advise....

I have been Gay for more than 7year and in a steady relationship for 4years. Now I don't want to be with her anymore. Lately I've got this weird feeling about us and am thinking and dreaming about men, and actually have been flirting with one.... I don't know what to do, and If I do what I know I must, How do I do it without completely breaking her heart. She is my best friend and I really want to keep it that way...

Can anyone help me?!?!

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i don't think theres a way to tell her with out hurting her but you should tell her calmly and work your way to some people are fragile even if they don't look or act like it break it to her in private and where she is calm and in a good state of mind and slowly state the news but tell her its not her fault

hope this helps

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Pray to Jesus

Pray to Jesus