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School has officially begun... I guess I'll write about my schedule a little.

1.) Pre-Calculus. This teacher is obviously under the impression that everyone is stupid. Everyone told me that it would be like this, but alas, I did not listen! I learned for myself, though. She made us take hardcore detailed notes... on plotting points on graphs. However, I think this might just be the easiest class to bullshit EVER. She barely even checks homework. If you turn it in and look like you put forth an effort, you get full credit.

2.) English. I don't really know my English teacher well enough to form a solid opinion, as my first impressions are often wrong, but I feel drawn to her somehow. Not in like, an "OMG I WANNA BANG MY TEACHER" kind of way, because I don't, it's not like that, but like... I legitimately want to be her best friend! Hahaha! She is awesome so far! She told us today that her entire motivation for teaching high school English was because it sucked ass for her, and she wanted to make it suck less for future people. Her classroom is the only place in school I feel completely okay, so I actually LIKE being in there. It's calming in there, I guess, and she is the total opposite of almost all of my other teachers, which is a damn good thing. Something about her also reminds me of one of my older friends, though I'm not entirely sure what it exactly is.

3.) Fucking AP US History Shitballs. Okay, so that's not the actual name of the class, but that same awful bitch from last year teaches it. Mrs. History Teacher. Surely you all remember her. This is the absolute worst part of my day. Surprisingly, she hasn't made any comments about my worthlessness yet. Yet. This guy no one likes because he's a total ass to everyone transferred into this class and makes it a thousand times worse by never shutting up, ever. He is, like, all up her ass 24/7, and it's soooo annoying. Well, they deserve each other!

4.) Advanced Chemistry. No, I'm not sure how I got in "Advanced Chemistry" either. The name is apparently a misnomer, and it's just what comes after normal chemistry, though. No one has any idea what the fuck is even going on here, so I can't even comment correctly. Holy shit. The teacher is this weird guy who, on the first day, started talking about his intense love for robots while drawing these weird diagrams of stuff that was apparently related to Advanced Chemistry and not robots. Then, he started saying these scientific words, and everyone was completely and utterly lost. It never got better. Luckily, he isn't a big believer in homework.

5.) Study Hall. Fuck this shit, man. I don't have any friends in there. I technically have an acquaintance in there, but she's a senior, so she doesn't have to sit in there. ALSO I MISSED GETTING A STUDY HALL PASS BY LIKE ONE POINT BECAUSE OF FUCKASS CHEMISTRY. RAAAGE. It's like last year all over again. SOON, GENTLEMEN, IT SHALL BE MINE. SOOON.

6.) Speech. It's like, a public speaking class or something. I don't know exactly, I didn't sign up for it, but I'm keeping it because the teacher made it sound like it might help my anxiety when it comes to things involving communication. I know that sounds really dumb, but I'm willing to give ANYTHING a try.

7.) Newspaper and Yearbook Stuff. Most of my friends ditched me in there... And the teacher/sponsor/whatever is like, taking everything mega seriously this year and it's kind of funny because it has NEVER been serious in there. Also, because 3 new people joined, she has decided to take EVERYTHING BACK TO THE FREAKIN' BASICS FOR EVERYONE instead of just showing those 3 people what to do. Holy fuck, I think I'd know how to crop a picture. Hell, I've known how to crop a picture since I was like 10.

Anyway, so, yeah. It's pretty much as expected, I suppose. So, I guess I should say a positive thing. I was asked to design our grade's sign thing for Homecoming this year. Huh. I can't believe it took them until junior year to ask one of the only people in the grade interested in art to draw something for the sign contest we never win. I must say my design is quite bitchin'...

Umm, FCG left already. She's all moved in where she's supposed to be now. She's been gone for a few days. It is a very hard thing for me to grasp. I don't like thinking about it much. Sometimes I'll be all like, "Oh, I'll see FCG tomorrow!" and then I'll realize that I won't. And sometimes my brain will take it even further and remind me that not only will I not see FCG tomorrow, but also that I won't see her again for months, or never again if I don't stop being scared. I also seem to think, at first glance, that every girl who looks even remotely similar to her is her. It doesn't seem to have registered in my brain yet that it can't be her. I miss that silly girl...

She is currently phoneless until next week, and it's driving me insane! It's funny, because I am usually nervous to text her, but now while I can't, I have the intense, burning urge to talk to her RIGHT FUCKING NOW, THE REST OF THE WORLD BE DAMNED. Although I'm sure that when she has a phone again, that attitude will magically poof back to "SHE IS A GODDESS WHILE I AM A LAME 11th GRADER WHO IS SCARED OF VACUUM CLEANERS I AM NOT WORTHY!"

I want to tell her what I saw a couple nights ago! FCG WAS ON THE LOCAL NEWS! They were at her college and were interviewing random new students, and she was one! IT WAS REALLY HER! When I saw it, my mind was blown, because I mean, what are the odds of something like that happening!?

So, anyway, while on the subject of FCG, I was recently browsing some of my old posts. I came across the one in which I met her. I bring this up because I noticed that the date on that journal is August 12, and today is August 12, so that means I've known her for 2 whole years! I just thought that was cool. Also, I notice now that I got her age wrong in that post, but that's a small detail. I remember my first thought about her being that she looked awkward... I was so dumb in 9th grade! I am always embarrassed to think about it.

Anyway, yeah, sorry for the massive journal. I guess I just had a lot to write! I actually cut out a LOT of it.


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my history teacher would never shut up and every one hated her, but i never disliked her because i would participate most of the time by talking and such. i'll be going back to school in three more weeks.

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My history teacher and I

My history teacher and I have, um, a not-so-great relationship... I had her in 10th grade as well, and she was very condescending and self-righteous. She would tell my class that we were the stupidest people she had ever met, and she would occasionally belittle me for being an atheist. We also barely learned any history from her because she would go on and on and on about completely unrelated things for at least half the class on most days. This guy that came to my history class is perfect for her because he likes to babble about unrelated things too!

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my teacher would tell my class to speak during discussions even though my class had the best grades. my friend had a similar experience like yours but had it coming, i suppose. she's atheist but would speak in an almost ignorant way claiming people from the southern u.s states are rednecks and that realigious people are irrational. we pretty much talked about anything in that class like current events, politics, and debate about topics like abortion, guns, war, etc.

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I know how you feel, about

I know how you feel, about FCG. :(

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Yeah... :( I'm just all

Yeah... :( I'm just all scared, you know? When I saw that she had really left town, I can't even describe how bad felt right then. And then I knew that I had no choice but to talk to her more and try not to lose her and I'm just scared I can't do it.