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Random good things (yay, good things!):

The egg I sent to my brother was actually delivered! It got to Endor yesterday, cracked but still smelling okay, wrapped in tape. Dad was extremely amused, Mr Fusion, according to him at least, didn't laugh at all. And today the postman talked to Mr Fusion and said that he and some other people at the post office had had a good laugh over the egg too. So, experiment more successful than ever hoped!

Now Regi wants me to try to mail a banana.

And... As I mentioned in my very confused comment on Just Dave's journal, I'm currently obsessed with this picture

because it's very aesthetically beautiful more than because it's extremely nerdly, but the nerdery is definitely a factor too. And I need to paint it. I've been uninspired for a long while as to what my next painting will be, and now I've found it, although I'm not entirely pleased that my muse chose something so blatantly Doctor Who-related. And since I'm not secure enough in my nerdhood to actually own such a picture and hang it on my wall and all that, my intention is to give it to either Regi or Leaena, since they are more openly Doctor-Stalker-y than I am. And if I gave it to Leaena, it could be like payment for her dealing with my Hallowe'en costume for me - at least, I hope she's going to deal with my Hallowe'en costume for me, since she decided (half a year in advance and without asking me) who I'm going to be. But I'm afraid that as I paint it I'll get too attached to the picture and not be able to give it away. Ah well.

'Nother slightly frightening Doctor-Stalking-related thing: Today I found out that I've seen more episodes of Doctor Who than Regi has. Eeeep.... Indoctrination too effective? Well, yeah, knew that already. But I'm sure Regi would have seen more than I have if she had some convenient way to watch at home.... I hope.... I just really don't want to be a more extreme Doctor Stalker than Regi. Even though I probably am. Alas alas alas alas eheu.

Right! Changing the subject, mostly because the subject has been well exhausted, but changing the subject nonetheless!

Er... Backpacking! Leaving on Thursday! My mom is yo-yoing the High Sierra Trail, captaining two separate parties of her friends. First, going toward Mount Whitney, a party of nine people (including her and me), taking nine days. Then, coming from Mount Whitney, a party of three people (including her but not me, 'cause I'm not that crazy, I'm going home), taking five or six days.

And Dad and Mr Fusion are coming just for two days, to climb Mount Whitney because they have this golden opportunity of time and permits and fitness all coinciding - usually to climb Whitney you have to make an opportunity, which is difficult, because permits are done by a lottery system so popular that to get permits for August you have to apply in February and hope they choose you, and then you have to make sure that the day for which they give you a permit isn't also scheduled with something else, and you also have to do some training beforehand, but these guys are super lucky because they can get in on our permit (which is for the entire High Sierra Trail and therefore easy to get) and they've just climbed Kilimanjaro, so they're in shape, and they happen to have the time free as well. So that's all very exciting. And it means that I'm going to have climbed Whitney two or probably even three times.

Just hoping the trail isn't impassable because of snow or water - the Sierras got a lot of snow this year, and it hasn't all melted yet, and what of it has melted is creating other problems 'cause the rivers and such are all full.

And.... Marie's coming over tomorrow... no idea what we're going to do, but I think it'll be okay. She seems to like me about as much as I like her, and I really have good hope that we're on track to a good friendship-or-something. Hope hope hope.

So, yeah! Miscellaneous good things!


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ohmygoodness now i really

ohmygoodness now i really really really want to mail an egg... that's so awesome.

backpacking sounds like a ton of fun... my family and I used to backpack in the appalachian mountains, which are basically hills to anybody who lives near a real mountain range.

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I point and laugh at the Appalachians. They do have some pretty good hiking, though, for not really being mountains. Probably because the trails are all built straight up the hills, with no switchbacks, to make the hiking steeper and harder.... whereas on real mountains the trails are designed to make hiking as easy as possible....

But yeah, Mount Washington is unquestionably the hardest eight miles of hiking I've ever done, and the second hardest single day of hiking (second to Kilimanjaro summit day, which was thirty bloody kilometers) I've ever done, even though it was only eight miles with no pack. So I don't laugh too scornfully at the Appalachians after that.

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my dad and i have hit every

my dad and i have hit every single trail on mount washington. that's three times up and down. ^.^ we generally do white mountain stuff. It's beautiful, though obviously recreational. I was a kid when we did washington so i just galloped on up. insaneee. i couldn't do it now.