Mom And Dad, I'm Gay And Also Stronger Than Both Of You, So Don't Try Any Shit

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Mom, Dad, there's something we have to talk about. I've been wanting to tell you this for some time, and I want you to know that while I'm fully aware this might be difficult for you to hear, remember, I am still your son, and I love you very much: Mom, Dad, I'm gay, and so help me God, I am stronger than the both of you, and I won't hesitate to beat you back to the Stone Age if you give me any shit about this.

I know this must be tough for you. I understand this isn't how you expected your son to turn out, and I know you might be disappointed, but just remember that I go to the gym seven days a week and can bench-press 275 pounds easy. I take excellent care of my body, so while you can be upset, you better be careful and watch how you handle yourselves here, because if you so much as make a sarcastic remark or do anything to take advantage of how vulnerable I am right now, this will end ugly for the both of you.

Bottom line: I was born this way. It wasn't a choice. It was, however, a choice to develop huge biceps like this, so take a good long look at them before you think of uttering a hurtful or bigoted remark.

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Pretty Sneaky


Anyway... Great!

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A very,

very clever coming out of sorts!

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Sheer brilliance.

This is why I love you, Jeff, old boy.

* * *

"Reality is a story the mind tells itself. An artificial structure conjured into being by the calcium ion exchange of a million synaptic firings. A truth so strange it can only be lied into existence. And our mind can lie. Never doubt it..."

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This is bloddy brilliant!

This is bloddy brilliant! Thanks Jeff for making my day. ^^

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Fuckin' parents...

Fuckin' parents...

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Yea I have'nt officially come out to my family although I'm sure they know by now.I definetely get concerned with being so vulnerable and would be hurt badly by a bad reaction.I like your post,that's what I need some muscle to keep em in check! I feel compelled to tell them soon so I'm thinking about it a lot.This made me smile.Ty. J We all need some lovin' so why do we hate.