My Coming Out Story

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SO I've never actually typed out my coming out story even though it happened two years ago. Goodness knows that after what happened to force me out warned me against writing down any important thought or feelings. But here goes nothing:

Two years ago, my grade nine year in high school, I fell in love with my best friend. She had already came out to me as being bisexual and before her I had always assumed myself to be straight. But one day it just clicked inside me that I was in love with her.

Then she came over for a few nights and we kissed and messed around the whole night. When she left, like any teenage girl, I wrote the entire thing in my diary. All the details, how I felt about her, what we did. Everything.

Then a week later my mom found my diary. And read everything. And as suddenly as I was tossed into the closet I was forced out. She told the whole family and my new girlfriend told all our friends at school.

There has been a lot off backlash, two years later I,m still dealing with a lot of discrimination and bullying, including quite a few pep rallies spent having food thrown at me to the cat calls of Dyke and Lesbo.

But, you know, it gets better. I just keep that in mind :)


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i don't think your mother had any right to read something personal, but that's just my opinion. keep your head and chin up high and don't give up the ship!

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Thank you, your support

Thank you, your support means a lot to me :)
Well her reasoning is that she was worried about me, which was understandable because at that time I was doing a lot of cutting. So I guess I understand but I still wish I had been able to come out on my own.

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Aw, man. People can be dicks.

But hey, be loud and be proud! Yea you're a dyke/lesbo! You still get more pussy than them! >:D

What an awkward way to come out though, I'm sorry about that :o
That's redick!

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Aw Yeah I'm a dyke xD Big Bad Lesbian right here!

As awkward as it is, at least it's out there now!

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That is why I will never

That is why I will never keep a diary. It sounds like everybody involved handled everything the wrong way. Your mom, your girlfriend, the douchebags at your school...people annoy me sometimes.

It really sucks that you were outed like that. But what those people at school say ultimately doesn't matter. They're not even worth your time or your energy. Just surround yourself with awesome friends, be confident, and what those idiots say won't mean anything.

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Meh, I'm almost out of high

Meh, I'm almost out of high school anyway so it will all be behind me soon enough. Right now I'm the founder and president of our school's first ever Gay Straight Alliance so there can be a safe place for any other students coming out :)

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I know this is kind of late...

...But I'm so sorry that you were forced out of the closet like that. I can only imagine what you must have felt when that happened. I'm also very sorry that you had to deal with so much discrimination at school. Again, I can only imagine what you must have gone through.

On a happier note, I'm very impressed that you managed to deal with everything with such a positive attitude. If something like that had happened to me when I first realized I was a lesbian, I don't think I could have dealt with as impressively as you did. I hope that you continue to stay proud and positive no matter what :)

Love is love, no matter who it is that you love. That is something I deeply believe even though I have yet to love someone else that way.