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Well, I feel like writing a journal, but I have pretty much nothing to say, so, random things....

Today my mom and I went to see The Help, which was an amazing movie... I cried at least twice. I cry at movies more than I used to, I've noticed. Still don't do it terribly often, but I used to never.

Aaand... the cat is cute and the dog is sweet, and I took in another walkingstick today even though I am so done with walkingsticks - but what else am I supposed to do; I can't kill them and I can't leave them out in the wild to pollute the outdoors with their parthenogenetic spawn, so, keeping them fed and contained until they die is the only thing that sits right with my conscience...


Oma is being difficult again. She was okay for a while, but her depression is bad again and her memory and paranoia are worse than ever. She has outlandish stories about attacks and killings at the dementia home, she can't remember what we said earlier in the conversation, she hates and distrusts the infinitely kind and patient staff taking care of her ('That man is untrustworthy!' she says. 'He is a Jap! I do not trust him one iota!'), and she's often suicidal. We're going to get some new medications for her; hope that works.

My mom and I have both decided that we want to die of heart attacks before we turn eighty. Oma had a heart attack when she was in her late seventies, but it didn't kill her, and now she's eighty-four and miserable and nothing is promising to kill her, except she herself. Of my three grandparents that lived past the age of sixty, two had dementia and all three had diabetes, so I'm in trouble when I get old. I just want a fatal heart attack in my late seventies, or maybe a stroke. Something quick and fatal.

My uncle and cousins from Washington state are visiting this weekend... Lots of family drama will inevitably ensue amidst the adults, while the cousins hide and try to enjoy the visit...

My brother has started high school, and I keep wanting to, like, do his homework and stuff. I think I just need my school to start. Summer's been long enough. Sheesh, what teenager would rather spend the next three weeks as a high-school freshman than still on summer break? I must be sick. Nah, not really. It was just a really good high school and I never was a freshman and I like school, and, since I have no social life, three more weeks of break means spending all that time at home with my mom. And I like hanging out with my mom (another thing teenagers are not supposed to, no?), but I've been doing it almost uninterrupted for going-on-three-months, and, well, I'm bored.

Blah blah blah blaaaaaah......


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oo i actually really want to see the help. Normally i dislike Emma Stone but in this film she seems much more mature

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I haven't seen her in

I haven't seen her in anything else, but she was super good in this. As was everybody else, actually. Superb cast all around.

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If you want homework, i

If you want homework, i could scan all 30 pages of my History book for you to read, and then you can tell me what it was about? :O
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A 30 page history book? What wacky cult-like school you going to?!

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