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'Shnarr' is my annoyed noise. I think it comes from some children's book about a hyperintelligent Siamese cat, that I used to read when I was little. The cat was named Henry, and he could do things like fly hot air balloons and improvise skis, but aside from his smarts he wasn't anthropomorphised at all, and all he could say was 'Shnarr.' I think. Regardless. I've been feeling pretty good recently - for a long time, actually - but the only things I have to report are shnarr-worthy things.

Major shnar-worthy thing: I am now the highly reluctant owner of a cellular telephone. Shnaaaaarrrrrrrrr. I've resisted well up until now, but... circumstances conspired... and it became necessary.... so now I have one. Because I'm moving into a dormitory soon and will therefore not be able to have a normal telephone, and because my dad's cell phone died with quite a lot of minutes left on it and his work gave him an iPhone as a replacement, so my dad took the phone number and the minutes out of his dead phone and put them in a simple new phone for me. It flips open like the Star Trek communicators (yay nerdage!) and it has actual buttons rather than those pesky touchscreen buttons that only appear if you shake the phone three times, hold it upside down, and make the sign of the evil eye, or something, so the whole situation is about as not-bad as me-having-my-own-cell-phone can be, but still... shnarr.

And... I found out today that while my mom's car was parked in the Sierras, some Sierra varmint beastie got into it and chewed a big hole in one of my best pants... You'd think a pair of pants would be safe in a locked car, but noooooo..... Two years ago, while we were hiking the John Muir Trail, a similar varmint got into the same car and made a nest in the spare tire - an elaborate nest of Reese's Pieces and some fluff it chewed out of the car itself. And that was amusing, and totally our fault for leaving a big bag of Reese's Pieces in the car. But this time we emptied the car of all things edible, and my pants still got destroyed. Clearly the trunk of our car is not remotely beastie-proof. And I need even more new pants than I thought.

Speaking of Sierra beasties, I saw a marten (probably - it might have been a fisher) near the top of Mount Whitney the time I went there with the group of nine. That was really cool, not shnar-worthy at all, but also old news, but old news that I hadn't reported until now, so, whatever.

And.... I find myself a little desperate to stay in high school through my brother. 'Cause yeah, I miss high school, and I'm not too eager for college. I only got three years of high school - not enough. Enough education-wise, but not, you know, responsibility-wise or I'm-still-attached-to-this-school-not-sick-of-it-yet-at-all-wise. So I can't wait to go to Mr Fusion's back-to-school night, bug him about how high school is going, advise him about what to do in high school or what high school is like... It's sad. And I'm shnarring at myself for feeling that way. But the grin on my face as I showed him around the campus today.... The fact that I don't belong there anymore... mihi non placet.

Something positive: I do seem to be convincing my muse to let me not paint that picture that I was shnarring at my muse for choosing.... I've even had an idea for an original composition (not even from a photograph or anything - this has never happened before) that I may be able to convince my muse to let me paint instead. So that's all good.

I think there's a lot of financial stuff I have to deal with - paying college fees and all that. Major, major shnar. As I've probably mentioned before, anything other than cash confuses and frustrates me.

And.... Yeah, I think that's about all, right now. Hello to everyone on Oasis... Glad to see site activity picking up as people start school and come back from absences....


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You've never had a cell

You've never had a cell phone before? Huh. Well, I guess I don't really use mine all that much, but it is useful. I just use it whenever necessary. Also, I really don't like touchscreens either. They can be annoying.

Three years of high school? Did you skip a year or graduate early or something?

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I never wanted a cell phone, and I never really needed one (people got on for decades without them, after all!), and was actually quite proud of being the oldest person I knew not to have one (other than really old people who are, like, eighty). I guess it was kind of silly, but I'm still proud of how long I made it. In all my life I've never sent a text message, and only received one - the Shakespeare director sent it to my home phone, thinking the number I had given her must be a cell phone, and the voicemail read the text message aloud in this weird female monotone that machines have. I was impressed (and when machines impress me, I also get a little scared) that it could read.

I sort of skipped a year.... Not really, though. I took ninth grade in homeschool, so it counts as ninth grade and as a year of education and all, but not so much as high school. So I never had a freshman year.

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You've never sent a text

You've never sent a text message... And you've never even had a mobile...?! I had over 10,000 texts accrued just last billing period, and I've already a good 1,000 a week in (and I've only had my replacement phone for four days to boot).

Actually, I cried for an entire night because I didn't have my iPhone (it went PLOP! in the ocean). Suddenly my social life was relegated to Facebook, on a terribly unreliable connection (usually I just tether my iPhone to my Mac).