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I ordered a new Holy Qur'ān a few days ago, (probably) one more day to go until I receieve it. My old one is a crappy paperback from the 1970's which is falling apart. So I've bought a nice hardback to withstand (my) "average" usage. It's very nice, in my opinion. It has three columns of which I will explain in the next paragraph.

The first column from the left has an English translation, the middle column has a Roman transliteration (self pronouncing!), and on the far right there is original Classical Arabic script. The book itself is black with gold trim (applied tastefully) and it's in right-to-left reading layout (English and transliteration excluded).

So by that I mean that the book will start in average right-to-left reading fashion for the Arabic script, whereas the English and transiliteration stays left-to-right reading but also starts from where the Arabic script begins. So you read from left-to-right with the two except that you turn the left page to be reading continually.

In other news I've aquired a very nice Holy Bible with brownish faux leather covering. It has standard verse to verse references in between the two standard verticle columns. I like how it has self pronouncing names in it as well. I especially like the worn shine from the faux gold page edges. It's a Christian Worker's Edition bible. I'm still not sure what that refers to.

It has a very nice concordance and sixteen maps (Biblical and modern, one map on each page after the concordance). I've rebound it with super glue and it's been very successful (just as it was with my black red edged Holy Bible). Well that's all for now, just book talk. lol


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that's cool! i'm really interested in biblical history, does that even make sense? i wish i still had my bible. i bought crime and punishment for a dollar the other day.

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Yes Biblical history is fascinating. If you want to get a Bible I suggest thrift stores or antique shops, they sell for a few Dollars. It's been a while since I've read Dostoyevsky, I should read Crime And Punishment again.

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are frees in hotels. My friend has a huge stack of them.

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I used to steal bibles form

I used to steal bibles form hotels aslo, though for me it was for the purposes of buring them in my backyard. Wonder if I should get back into doing that?

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you could hold a protest and burn them if you wish, just call it freedom of speech. Although the Holy Bible is a book I like, it will always be in print just as the Holy Qur'ān.

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I must say, I'm extremely

I must say, I'm extremely impressed with how you handled that...

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That book sounds absolutely beautiful. I hope that some day I will be able to treat such a book with reverence rather than just respect, because only then will I deserve to have a book like that.

I should read more Dostoyevsky, too - it was reading The Brothers Karamazov for English class that inspired me not to be such an atheist...

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got my Qur'an

off itunes. it was all in arabic, followed by an english translation. took a huge amount of time to listen to. thee arabic was pretty.

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