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Granted it's a pseudo-science, astrology is just so interesting for me. Sure, it's a crock of shit, and any similarities are either coincidental or purely the work of our minds. Even still, astrology is a proxy through which introspection can occur for me. It's much easier to read something that says that you're a fickle and judgmental person, rather than coming up with that on your own.

The literature I've read on Geminis attributes them as individuals full of contradictions, that are adaptable and like change, and desire affection. I'm a Virgo in the Moon which means I like to organize things. Actually, when I tried E for the first time, I had the compulsive urge to clean and organize. The literature I've read about Virgos suggests that they do household chores to keep from being stressed. Which is what I do. When I'm anxious or nervous, I do the dishes or I vacuum. Lastly, my ascendant is Leo, which means I'm self-centered, touchy, conceited, dramatic, affectionate and responsible. Basically, it means I like to be noticed.

Anyone else know anything about there astrology?


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I am an Aries, and according

I am an Aries, and according to my sign, I am energetic, ambitious, and thoughtful. I am also a courageous leader and I am very self-reliant, and I can be a bit self-centered at times. And apparently I have a high sex drive.

Only half of these things are true about me. And I have dabbled in astrology a bit. It is mostly bullshit, but it is still interesting.

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Not mostly...totally. Not even entertaining!

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Well okay, yeah. It is total

Well okay, yeah. It is total bullshit. But it's like palm-reading or fortune telling, really. It may be bullshit, but I think it's fun bullshit.