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So yeah, college on Monday. I'm so overwhelmed, this whole process of getting in was really worth it. Now if I could find out which rooms my classes are in that would be great. I'll probably just take a glance at my college account to check. Even though it's just two remidial classes and a required class, I'm very excited, nervous, thrilled, and scared.


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Funny thing is that we are

Funny thing is that we are both currently in the same postion Lonewolf...
So we can both support each other through the nervousness :P

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Ooh, good luck! I've got

Ooh, good luck! I've got almost a month before I start college, myself...

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I move in on Thursday. Classes start next Monday. Luckily L is in her second year there so she gives me all the ins and outs. =)

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good luck! my boyfriend

good luck!

my boyfriend starts tomorrow as well and he's super nervous.

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My favorite class was an economics class I didn't want to take. The guy put three dates up on the board and said, these are when the three tests are, and I don't take attendance otherwise. So, if you think you can miss class and pass, go for it. But no one has ever succeeded.

Always up for a challenge, and not starting at 8 a.m., I did it and got an A. I'll bet he didn't change the script the following semester, though.

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