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What do you all think?

have a mind screw:

btw I no longer support gay marriage, I'm for civil unions now

um okay? explain why?

easy marriage has everything to do with god and religion though people don't really see it that way, also it will solve the gay marraige problem since a civl union allows for the same thing as a marriage and that way the people who are against gay marraige can't bitch and moan about it and the gays will get what they want, they don't want marraige they want to be able to make discions for their partners and it be a relationship and the legal rights that come with marraige and a civil union can give that to them without all the fuss of people who don't support gay marriage

okay I see your point. (I'm am not starting a debate) but, some gays would rather have a marriage rather than a civil union. It's still (slightly) separating straight and gay people. I understand why that "could" stop the fuss from all the 'traditional' marriage people though. Personally I'd rather have a marriage rather than a civil-union.

the thing is it is the same thing and I don't care if it seperates the gays and straights it gives the gays what they want because no one seems to realize that theere are people out there that will never allow gay marraige to pass but a civil union yes its just pointless fighting when there is a solution

why do you want a marraige over a civil union?

I'd rather have something more "traditional" per-say... and I see a marriage as being more traditional than a civil-union. But, if I had to do something just to get rights and a ring on my left hand I would have a civil union if that was the case.

ok I sorta see where you are comming from

If gays could have a "marriage" but sacrifice a few rights like being able to be considered family for hospital visits, etc. I wouldn't do it. I mean would you?

I would not marry if I wasn't considered family for hospital visits, that is why if I was gay I'd do a civil union because you can gain those rights to do that

fail. exactly*

So you understand now why I support civil unions?

more or less.
thanks for an oasis topic. XD


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In places where there are domestic partnerships, civil unions, whatever you call them, they don't have the same rights as married straight couples. Plus, they aren't recognized federally, only at the state level, typically.

Kind of bizarre to provide equality, as long as you don't call it equality, so that people can claim victory via semantics.

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the thing about religion and marriage....

if churhc going folks wanted control over marriage, they shoudl have never let the state give out marriage license. becuase they allowed the marriage to become a goverment run thing, thye get no say in what marriage is. govermental marriages have to be equel, in name and rights. so, the churches still dont have to marry gay people in them, but they cant stop gay people from getting married by way of goverment. in my opionoin, the idea of religous marriage died the day the goverment printed a marriage certificate.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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The fact that atheists can

The fact that atheists can and do get married kind of nullifies the "marriage is only religious" argument, really.

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I've never thought about marriage much (being a Muslim), marriage is more of a legal contract rather than a bond between two people.