The meaning of life.

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I often think too much for my own good. today i found myself thinking about the ever on going debates about the meaning of life. my viewpoint on the matter is "it should remain unsolved"

"Not Knowing" keeps our minds thinking and when we think we create, discover, and innovate. if we were to solve every equation, answer every question, or fix every problem. life would be pointless. making the entire search for the meaning of life then pointless. mystery keeps us going. With new creations, innovations, and discoveries, we receive new ways to indulge and enjoy our life.

life may very well have been a happy accident. but when thinking of how unfathomable our life and world is, that simply makes me all the more humble to have been given the gift of living a life. its an amazing thing. not something to be taken for granted and not something that should be solved. but something that should keep us thinking. and it is ever so important that the cycle continues.

science gives us new ways to enjoy life, but scientists may end life by solving it.

again just a thought that i had today. my opinion may change. i only gave this theory about 10 minutes of actual thought lol


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The meaning of life is in

The meaning of life is in the basis of evolution and DNA - life seeks to make itself better, stronger, more resilient and more adaptable. So, science really can't ever "solve" the meaning of life. Rather, science is a tool of evolution that exists to make life better.

Or at least that's how I see it...

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but will we ever find the answer to life's meaning? All we have are theories (me especially), but in the time we are alive (so I believe) this is the question without an answer.

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Seems like there are two issues intertwined here.

While science is continually providing more and more answers, I don't know any of these answers, even in aggregate, are going to lead to meaning. You can ascribe meaning to life with or without this knowledge.

If science answers every question, the meaning of that information will still be up for interpretation and debated.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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if the so called "answer"

if the so called "answer" was up for interpretation or debate it wouldn't be an "answer" because there would still be questions.

and most people just debate because they are unwilling to believe the proven facts.

Ascribe: Attribute something to (a cause)
you would need to have some information (Facts) to do so.

so that means you can ONLY "ascribe meaning to life" with answers. for without facts you have no basis of proof, nor would your mind even consider certain factors without at least some knowledge of the subject which would in turn provoke the thought process that would lead you to a conclusion.

and ultimately what i was saying in my journal is that "if science answers every question" there would be nothing left to do. advances in technology would stop. life would continue but it wouldn't be anywhere near as exciting if we didn't have questions.

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The problem with assuming

The problem with assuming that there's an "end" to science and technology is the fact that science and technology serve evolution. Science and technology exist to improve our lives. Other aspects of our societies, like finance and culture are simply just vehicles to promote the advancement of medicine and science.

Evolution is much too complex to ever end. There's always multiple strands of life that are being promoted and there's always new variables and new environments that life has to adapt to. The world isn't going to be this way for forever and we won't always have these cheap, viable energy sources. Suddenly the way we sustain our lives will be threatened, and that will always happen.

If science ever ends, life ends. If life ever ends, science ends.

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I agree - it should remain

I agree - it should remain unanswered, even if there is an answer at all, which I suspect there probably is not.