The Process of Belief

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Agnostics claim to have no belief in any religion. Most Agnostics have a viewpoint similar to Atheists, but they just don't realize it. A typical agnostic would say something like this. "I believe it is impossible to know" but agnostics claim no beliefs on the matter. As soon as an agnostic claims to believe something; they are no longer agnostic. I have seen a pattern form in how people come to decisions on the matter of Religions, Agnosticism, and Atheism.

You begin with a Christian, or Catholic, or baptist, etc... they begin to question their belief, and whether the people that they surround themselves with encourage them to either keep their faith, or turn on their belief, plays a huge role. (this is typically subconsciously done through body language and ways that the human mind interacts with another, and by "surrounding yourself with people", I am saying your choice of friends)

So if you are surrounded by fellow believers, you will most likely claim your faith was being tested by your deity, and you now know that you are stronger in your faith, and if you surround yourself with people whom have a strong belief against religion, you will most likely stray away from the path of your deity, and become Agnostic.

Now here is where it gets fun.

After you become Agnostic you are OPEN to ALL the different things BOTH sides are saying. You are able to see what is going on, and separate the evidence, and the lies. You become aware of who is lying and who has actual grounds for an argument. You will make one other choice at this point. You will become Atheist, or you will remain Agnostic and not wish to be involved at all, or you will slowly revert back to your faith in your chosen deity, or even perhaps a new one.

Religions are not bad. they promote good actions and nice people. Religion doesn't make bad people. People make bad religions.

And something that has my "nickers in a bunch" is how many claim Agnostic and Atheist to be their RELIGION. Agnosticism and Atheism are NOT Religions. Atheism is a belief that is set aside from Religion, and Agnosticism is having no belief.

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But I do wish to share a fun fact that I recently (about a week ago) found:

There was recently a discovery in Antarctica of a meteorite with the buildings blocks of human DNA inside of it. This now suggests that humans are not even of the planet earth. So this also proves creationism to be 100% invalid. Not to say a higher power couldn't possibly exist, but to say that the gods and deities portrayed in religions aren't 100% factual.


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I don't actually want to get all controversial-like again, but... I'd say that Atheism is the belief that deities do not exist... and could possibly be counted as a religion, depending on how you define religion. Kind of like how black and white can be considered colors depending on how you define a color.

As to the DNA in the meteorite - You said 'human DNA,' so... what does this mean? That humans are part alien but other species are pure Earthling? That the DNA in the meteorite was not so much human specifically but just Earthling DNA of some sort? That the sample was contaminated by a human?

But I have sort of wondered before whether maybe primitive life just hitched a ride here on a meteorite from another planet, or was even seeded by people somewhere. I expect that some of us might try seeding a planet with bacteria if we found an uninhabited planet where we thought they might survive.

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People are defined by their beliefs, not their non-beliefs, typically. Atheism is only mentioned in relation to people who believe, otherwise it needn't come up. There is no need for Atheists to meet, form committees, etc.

Similarly, you will find lots of groups organized around people who enjoy knitting, thai food, pizza, vegan restaurants, etc. You won't find groups that gather who specifically hate knitting, don't eat thai food, are allergic to pizza, and don't believe in veganism.

So, there is no community of non-belief required. The spaghetti monster is cool like that.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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I would love to join an anti-vegan group....
But the point I was trying to make is that Atheists do have a defining belief, in the nonexistence of God. That's a little different than just not believing in the existence of God.

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I'm still not buying non-belief as a belief system. It only seems like a belief system due to the hordes of people who have assumed a contrary adherent fiction.

It gives too much credit to God to define oneself by belief in its non-existence. I also don't believe in Tyler Durden, Huckleberry Finn, or Howard Roark, all of which have had more of an impact on me than God.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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Fair enough.

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Religion: the belief in a god, deity, or higher power.

atheists believe religion is completely false. Therefore just because they have a belief, doesn't mean their belief is a religion.

and the meteorite contained HUMAN DNA this has nothing to say about the rest of life on earth. just humans. and it LEADS towards humans coming from outer space not the earth and not a god. and as far as evolution is concerned the evolutionary timeline places cavemen before monkeys so whomever is telling people we came from monkeys and evolution is proof. they are VERY wrong lol

and there is always a possibility of human mistakes and scientific procedure is in effect and its something all respectfull scientific experts use when doing any research. so the chances are very slim.

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You're skipping a few words...

It contains the "building blocks" of human DNA, not Human DNA directly. So, while still interesting and newsworthy, those are two majorly different things. Hard to contextualize the importance of that finding without more research, I'd imagine.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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you are very correct. there is a massive amount of research that needs to be done. but Human DNA cannot be created without those building blocks and those building blocks are not of this earth. so yes there is a lot of research they need to do. so who knows where it will lead.

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for the meteorite -

for the meteorite - contamination?
it was, after all, manipulated by humans and man-made machines...

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there is always a

there is always a possibility of human mistakes and scientific procedure is in effect so that DOESN'T happen, and its something all respectfull scientific experts use when doing any research. so the chances are very slim.

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I used to say

I was Atheist.

Now, I'm kinda 2 things.
I am an atheist, because as of now, there aren't any deities I believe in.

But more importantly, I'm a Religious Independent. What I don't like is organized religion. I'm open to the possibility of a God, and someday I may come up with my idea of one, but I don't think anyone can really know the answer to the question of if there is a God.
The evidence would point to that there isn't... But as I said, I can't know, and I'm open to the possibility.
But, one thing I pretty well can know is that if there is a God, I pretty damn sure it's not the one of the Bible, and I think it's a terrible thing that they preach and try to get others to believe the exact same thing that they do.

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Sounds like two definitions of atheist. Atheist isn't saying there isn't or can't be a God, just that there is no evidence to make such a statement yet.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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same thing.

its basically the same thing. if there is no evidence then there is no god. atheism is based mostly on science and science changes its views based on whats observed. so if science observes no evidence of a god.......then there isnt one. but if science were to find such evidence .....then atheists would believe there is one.

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there is a massive, massive, massive similarity between the DNA structure of humans and apes, like 98% similarity for chimpanzees. if human DNA was not earth based, what would be the reason for this huge similarity in the DNA structure if human DNA was not based on the same planet as other speices?

on a unrelated subject, yes, if science somehow proved god existed, i would belive one existed. but that would also destroy religion as we know it, sicne religion is based around faith, and so if you knew for a fact a god existed, you wouldnt have faith, you would have only intelligencia as your reason for acknowledging a god.

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