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My family and I were at an amusement park (Holiday World to be exact) for the past day and a half. While waiting in an hour-long line for a one-minute ride, I saw something terrifying. The man in front of me had a tattoo that read: TO TOUGH TO TAME

The grammar snob in me was appalled. Then I wondered if anyone had ever told him that his tattoo had a grammatical mistake. Then I got excited because I thought I'd only ever see misspelled tattoos on the internet.

In other news, I had an allergic reaction to some sunscreen, and left my laptop at the hotel. Luckily they called us, and I got it back :)

ALSO. I got kicked off the internet at the hotel for visiting an "inappropriate website." Apparently they have an automatic program that monitors the websites visited. This was the website I was visiting. I tried to read whateversexual_llama's latest journal, and got banned from the internet for visiting a website with "sex" in the name >.<


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That is the most annoying

That is the most annoying grammar mistake everrr. It would drive me crazy if I saw that. But I'd be too scared to say anything, especially if this particular guy is "to tough to tame."

Also, that internet program protecty thing is stupid :|

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I couldn't say anything

I couldn't say anything because he was "to tough to tame" and because I'd have to spend another half hour with him in line... which would be kinda scary if I had pissed him off...

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Hotels seriously block

Hotels seriously block things they think are "porn" and shit? Like camon now, everyone likes their porn and everyone likes their journal...

This is why I just have tethering for my iPhone... :D

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OH NOES I AM SORRY FOR BANNING YOU FROM THE HOTEL COMPUTERRR. XD hope you can get back online at some point.

if i had seen that tattoo i would've whipped out a knife and carved in an extra o.

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It's okay, not your fault!

It's okay, not your fault! ^_^
And I'm home now, so I can internet to my heart's content :D

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Strange a hotel computer would ban porn, since they'll usually sell you porn on the TV. Then again, maybe that is the reason, hehe.

There are some pretty bad Internet filtering systems out there, though. Most of the crazy Christianist ones have gone away or are pretty niche, though. We used to be banned way more often back when they first came out. Thankfully, I used to cover filtering as part of my beat as a tech reporter, so when marketing would be giving me a demo, I'd use oasis as a test, and if it was banned, I'd tell them their system wasn't very intelligent. They usually removed us from the block list and said it was a mistake, hehe.

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