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And we got a few things to say to our dear Oasis friends.

Okay, okay, so apparently there are real-life superheroes. LINK!

I know; fucking awesome, right? It's so tempting. Okay, they probably get their asses kicked a lot and don't do a whole lot of actual, effective crime-fighting. But then again, you'd get to tell your grandchildren about the time you spent being a superhero.

It's not even funny how much I am considering actually doing this some day. I mean, I'm in decent shape, I'm good at keeping aspects of my life private (being in the closet was like a seminar in secrecy), and I bet I could come up a better costume/persona than some of those guys on the facebook page.

Jesus, I am sounding very cocky tonight.
And now, back to the regularly scheduled list-journal.

1) Jessie J, I just have one question; If it's not about the price tag, why don't you let people download your song for free? For Christ's sake, one of your lyrics "we don't need your money".

2) Leaving town tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have hotel-internet, but if not, I should be back Sunday night or Monday afternoon.

3) I don't have enough to talk about to justify a list. So let's try something new.

QUESTION: In a potential or current boyfriend/girlfriend, what would be a deal breaker for you? In other words, what type of information on that person would cause you to lose interest/break up with them?


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In answer to your

In answer to your question.... absoulutly nothing... :P They could be a serial killer who is killing people and choping off there heads and raping me every single night and frankly I still wouldn't leave them... If you think I am being funny... no I am not... I am dead serious about my level of desperateness...

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There are lots of deal-breakers, although that isn't really a term I'd use, since it seems judgmental. I may not care if they are into certain things, but that might be a clue that we aren't compatible. In a relationship setting, this would probably come before we were officially boyfriends or anything (I know this doesn't make sense to many of you, as the current generation has removed there being a step between stranger and monogamous, committed boyfriend, hence the seemingly-crazy number of virgins with ex's, heh). There isn't a list, really, and I'm game to try most anything a handful of times before ruling it out, heh.

If they don't like Broadway musicals, though, I mean... what's the point? May as well cut them lose right there.

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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-She is a total bitch who is rude, inconsiderate, and lacks compassion

-She has virtually no sense of humor. Laughter is important in a relationship, you know.

-She is very dim-witted, and can't maintain any kind of conversation that is even remotely intelligent.

-She owns a poodle

-She is unbelievably girly and has no tomboyish qualities. She can't connect with nature. A walk in the woods or anything outdoorsy is unthinkable to her.

Other than those things, I'd be willing to accept some quirks here and there. It just depends, really.

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Let's see, dealbreaker

Naw. Dude you'd be a beast superhero, you should totes do that. And maybe make a ridiculous costume too

Dealbreaker would be that they're easily offended or upset. I'm a CRAZY teaser and joker. I'm perverted, so nobody that's not comfortable with their body. Ah... anyone who controls me. like, no, I can change things about me, but there's a difference between being controlled and stuff.

And they have to be boyish enough that I can make them do things I like, or we won't be compatible at alllll.
That's redick!

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I'll take your question as 'biggest' dealbreaker, because...

There are a lot.

Biggest dealbreaker- stupidity. Simple.

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