Thoughts before school...

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School starts in a week. Hopefully at Grayson I won't be surrounded by idiots. I have only one cp class this year too... Senior Year = the year I'm working my ass off to make up for slacking like hell Junior year (I'm looking at you Physics).


Computer Networking (Java, C++, Fixing computers, manual virus killing, etc.) (3 hours at Grayson) (I'll consider that a Honors - Low level AP class [without college credit... XD]{well I guess the certification I get while taking it counts for something. I forget what it is though... XD} Just remembered, it's A+ certification.)
(Back to Parkview)
AP Computer Science (Java)
CP Economics and CP Political Systems (one semester for each)
Honors Language Arts (British Literature)

DRAMA. What did I get myself into this summer? Everything with Kelly. I mean I could bull shit my way out of my relationship with her but...
I want to, but I don't, but I want to.

I guess I have a week to figure it all out.
I still have summer reading to do. My books should show up tomorrow... XD

"ano ne motto ippai matte chōdai
karinka? marinka? gen o hajī te
kon'na kanjō dō shiyō ka?
chotto oshie te kure nai ka?
kando ryōkō 524
furoito? keroido? ken o tatai te
zenbu zenbu waracchaō ze
sassa to odore yo baka damari"