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So, my dad is the only person in my family who can actually get stuff done and doesn't procrastinate indefinitely...

For months after the big remodel of my mom's house, the walls of my bedroom were completely bare - just paint and the curtains. And I had a few things to put on them, but no definite plan as to what to put where, and for months and months I just never bothered to put these things up. And this weekend my dad came here, and together he and I put up all these things:

- The Masai shield I bought in Tanzania
- A shelf, on which are now three small potted plants and ten surplus skulls (the prettiest skull of each species is at my dad's house, the rest came here to make space for them because the shelves there were getting crowded)
- The plumed mask I got in Venice and wore to prom
- The owl mask I made in art class last year and wore on Hallowe'en
- The kind-of-cool-but-not-especially-interesting mask I got in Tanzania solely for the purpose of hanging on the wall
- The photograph of my bird Dunno who died in December - this we actually ended up not hanging on the wall, but propping up on my dresser behind the box containing Dunno's remains
- A photograph which we bought because it's such a beautiful photograph - I wish I could show you how beautiful it is, but of all the things in this list, this is the one which is definitely not mine to put on the Internet, it being the intellectual property of the photographer, whose name I don't even know. She was a local college student, I think. Not even a professional photographer. But this photograph is one of the best I've ever seen, I think, and certainly my favorite, which is not quite the same thing. Ever since I got it, I've wanted to write about it. ... I wrote up this long description, but then I read it and it sounded stupid, and only made sense to me 'cause I've seen the photograph. So, I don't know, er, send me a private message if you really want to see it? Probably nobody cares...

Anyway, all sorts of stuff got accomplished 'cause my dad was here and he's not a procrastinator like all of us who live in this house. And now the cat is trying to touch all the new things on the walls, because they're new and therefore fascinating. Plus some of them smell, which makes them even more interesting to a cat.

And... Other things from this weekend....

Regi was here yesterday, which was nice, even though we didn't do anything, really. She said that with me, sometimes, it's okay just to do nothing, which it never is with her other friends, and that's one of the things she likes about me. There's really no reason that should be the case, but it's nice that it is. That's the way a lot of things are with Regi, really - reason's got nothing to do with it, and I just have to accept that it makes no sense but it's nice anyway.

And... The bunch from Washington is here, and the inevitable family drama actually took almost two days to break out... That might have been because my dad was here, so my mom and her brother didn't want to start yelling until after he left. I guess the yelling is why the Washington crew got a hotel instead of staying in our house, where there would be room for them because they only brought three people. But anyway, we had two days of a somewhat pleasant visit with no yelling.

Today all seven of us went to see Oma, and she had no idea who we all were, so she pretended that she just didn't want to say our names, and gave us nicknames instead. The youngest cousin got the best name: 'Joseph of the Nine Commandments.' His brother was called 'Yahoo,' I was called 'Rowaldena,' and then Oma ran out of nickname ideas and told my dad, 'You are too tall, I can't see who you are;' when my uncle asked her 'Who am I?' she said 'You!' and when we asked who Mr Fusion was she simply said 'I have no idea!' Oma is a sad case, but she does still know how to make a joke.

Blah blah blah blah.....................


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i really, really, really

i really, really, really want to see the inside of your room. you are like the coolest person since ever.

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It's not that interesting.... Someday I want to completely cover at least one wall; that would really be cool. And soon I should hang up some bird wings I have - the owl wings need a new home since they got displaced by the wildebeest skull, there's a pair of raven wings in my closet that might be good, and I've got a cormorant in the freezer that probably has nice wings that I could dry out and use as a wall decoration too. But now I'm just rambling instead of showing you photographs like I should be doing....

The shield, the shelf of skulls and plants, the photo of the bird, some more plants. I only have all these plants because... er... somehow they ended up with me after the remodel, I'm not sure how. I don't even like plants.

The three masks.

See, not that interesting. My photographs are really bad too. Thanks for the interest, though!

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couldnt see the pictures,

couldnt see the pictures, tho. just like... you're so cool. you have skulls and wings.