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So I went in to the doctors offices this morning and I got my blood results back. All tests came back negative for anything harmful, and apparently I have a well-off blood count. As for my "funny kidney" it's calmed down quite a bit and it's just getting less annoying everyday. However I did decide to get that checked out.

Did a quick urine test and the results were negative for kidney stones or any harmful bits. The urine was normal, and that was a huge relief as well. So enough about my body! I feel great and blessed to be feeling better and know that I'm ok. (I sing) Praises to Allah for the wonderful and frightening world that I now see (metaphorically) through clearer eyes.

In some random news I decided to check my dryers inner workings. I lifted out the lint collecter as usual and looked into the vetilation. "Dare I shine a light into the dark abyss?" I did and, THERE WAS SO MUCH DAMN LINT! I got a wire hanger to extract some of the lint. It was already so dry it crumbled. So I picked it out with my thin hands!

It was a good amount of lint alright. Probably enough to make a good dryer-fire. But luckily I decided to be a hero (LOL) and check the ventilation. I'll probably do a follow-up exploratory surgery with the dryer exhaust tube. But I think I've prevented or at least drastically reduced a chance of a dryer-fire. I'm so glad I did check, usually I just put it off.

In music news, I can play Pavana de Alexandre like a boss! I can seriously do the shit out of that song! Not that I mean to brag but I'm just proud of myself (rare occurence), I used to think it was a "hard song" to play. Well I did it! I finally challenged myself and I accomplished my goal and now I'm a more optimistic person thanks to that.

Just a question here. Is it ok for a gay guy to cross dress m-to-f?


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I sent you a PM about the

I sent you a PM about the Cross-dressing *Blushes*

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Well, I am quite glad that

Well, I am quite glad that all of your tests turned out okay. You seem to be a medical mess lately XD

Oh, and cross-dressing doesn't bother me at all. Whatever makes people happy *shrugzies* But I'm not a gay guy, so I wouldn't really know what's acceptable.

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hooray for your body! hooray

hooray for your body! hooray for dryers! hooray for guitars! hooray for you!

okay but anyway.

you need to define the word "okay". do you mean socially acceptable? do you mean healthy? do you mean "normal"? because no, it's not socially acceptable or normal but I personally don't think that makes it not "okay." It's less socially acceptable for a male to crossdress than for a female, it's more socially exceptable for a homoboy to do it than for a straight boy.

here's what I would say, though: does it make you happy? if so, then it's okay. ^.^

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Oh thank you,

And I suppose the question I was trying to ask was full of ambiguity. I guess since I'm Gay it would be viewed as a contradictory action since I'm gay and not straight hence it would be unacceptable in the LGBTQ community. I would be viewed as a contradiction I suppose, but I'm already considered one for being a Gay Muslim.

But maybe I shouldn't worry about fitting into the metaphorical "box" per se. It's late for me (LOL), does this count as a coherent answer? I think it does. :-Ð

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oh. i don't think so,

oh. i don't think so, actually. i mean, you'll always find douchebags, even in the gay community. just do what makes you happy.

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you're right. I'll just do my own thing and be happy with it. :-)

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i, personaly love cross dressing. i shall in fact wear a dress to the up and coming medieval fair in my town. and i think its ok, since its not hurting anyone, tho it may offend some people for...some reason, im not really sure why, peoples reasoning for gender restrictions make little to no sense to me.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Considering my 'gender', there's no such thing for me. However, according to my biological sex, I do quite a bit of it.

If it's enjoyable, it's good. There you go.

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