Toilets Are the Backbone of Everything

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Remember back around May, when I had a stupid eye infection? Yeah, I have one again. It feels like shit. I'm just glad it's not noticeable unless you are, like, three inches away from my face. I don't understand why I get them. I don't put anything gross near my eye, or share makeup, or wear contacts, or anything like that. My health hasn't been what it normally is this entire year, though, really. I mean, I've had two eye infections, a kidney stone, and three colds. Usually I only get about two colds and that's all.

It's awful, though, and horribly annoying. It hurts to close my eyes, which frustrates me greatly. It also hurts like a bitch to cry while having one of these things. On the bright side, I get to skip the awful pep rally on Friday to go get some medicine for it.

(Yeah, I've been attempting to see the bright side of things lately, even little things. I think it would do me good!)

Some cute puppies appeared outside of my house earlier. I think they have an owner, though. And they smell kind of bad, so now I smell like gross puppy. :( They were adorable, despite being stinky!

My mom's newest boyfriend is here. He wasn't here when I went to bed last night, then I woke up and saw him in my kitchen and nearly freaked out since I didn't know what he looked like. Then I forgot to eat breakfast... But at least that meant I left early and got a place in the good parking lot!

Oh, god, I just went to answer the phone and walked in on them all hugging and groping each other. I cannot unsee that now. Ugh. And all throughout dinner tonight, he had his hand on her thigh. Umm... If he stays at our house tonight instead of a hotel like he had planned, I'm going to my dad's. That's all I'm gonna say about THAT.

I tried to talk to FCG yesterday. She responded instantly, but she only responded once. She seemed normal and non-annoyed, except she didn't type the way she normally does. She didn't use punctuation or capitalize anything, like she was in a hurry. Guess she was busy... She is not good at multi-tasking, after all. I love FCG and think she is wonderful, but over the past two years, I've observed that she kind of has the attention span of a small gerbil.

I don't know anything about her schedule, and she just moved away a week ago, so I should've figured she'd still be very busy and adjusting and stuff. I just couldn't wait, I guess. She hasn't been on facebook much for the past few days either. Oh well, there's always next time, right? And at least I know she has a phone again, and she bothered to respond even once... That girl I liked before her always freakin' ignored me.

I'm going to try again sooner than I normally would, I think. I hope this won't be annoying to her. It's just, I'm missing her so much. I need to talk to her a little sometime soon. Naturally, I am overreacting and fearing that I will never get to, because overreacting is what Super Ducks do. Not knowing a thing about her schedule is a giant disadvantage, though... I'm trying to, like, see when she's on facebook and stuff so I can get something of an idea. I don't know, I just don't want to be annoying by always trying at a bad time.

In other news, I'm afraid I disappointed Mrs. English Teacher. :'( We had a test on our summer reading books, and the one I didn't remember was the one that it went into the most depth with... So I kind of probably failed. Wait, nevermind, I just checked the grades site and got a 92. Wow, I must be lucky. Hahaha!

I did, however, probably fail my history test today, but I don't really even care about that because it's impossible to pass Mrs. History Teacher's tests anyway. Oh well. But I did realize something absolutely glorious today when I turned that abomination in... They changed the grading scale at my school. It used to be this very annoying scale, and they changed it to a 10 point scale this year. So it doesn't matter if I bombed that test because if I make above an 80 in the class I still have a B! The lowest grade I've ever made for a class (not just a test or anything) was an 82 in chemistry last year because I did absolutely nothing whatsoever. This is good. This is very good.