Why the Cardinal Sins Are, Well, Sins.

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I haven't felt this sick in my life. That Vermonster was horrid. It was absolutely disgusting.

We chose five types of ice cream, and we hadn't thought out a good combination. So we decided on Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, Phish Food (worst BJ flavor ever), Sweet Cream and Cookies, a Mint type one and Vanilla. Bad choice. Mint should never be consumed with another flavor. Add some brownies, whipped cream, cookies and bananas to that and YUCK.

Actually, my body thought it was so repulsive, it forced an evacuation of types. You probably didn't need to know that. Oh well.

Ugh... I don't want to move into college tomorrow. I feel tooooooo grosssssssssss.


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The more time goes by, the more fun you'll remember having.

At the last dinner at camp, me any my tent group table had a competition to try to drink as much milk as we could.
I got like 10 or 12 glasses, and then I puked so friggin much.
But it was so much fun.


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I could have thought...

...of a far more enjoyable and much more memorable competition!

Wanna guess?

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BJs have a flavor?!

"Why be given a body if you have to keep it locked up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle?" - Katherine Mansfield

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but honestly, what did the BJ reference here? Cause if your bj's taste like "phish food" then that... that makes me worry. XD
That's redick!

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You two are disgusting. BJ

You two are disgusting. BJ obviously references Ben and Jerry's in the world of ice cream. Sheesh! Maybe it's 'cause I'm such a Vermonter at heart, but I have most of the BJ (Ben and Jerry's, you perverts) flavors memorized by heart.

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I don't eat ice cream all that often and therefore didn't really think about it.

And wouldn't it be B n' J's? or something?.. :P
That's redick!

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when fasting for a certain period of time, food (or junk food for this case) needs to be reintroduced to the body slowly. If you eat too fast and you've been fasting for a good while then your body will reject the (probably more than filling) amount of food you've ingested.

And Ice Cream not being a favorable form of nourishment for the body is a bad choice to break the fast. I find it's best to eat bread and water to break the fast and gradually introduce food slowly.

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Well, I just didn't eat for

Well, I just didn't eat for the entire day. That was my "fast". And it's not like I wanted to ease into the Vermonster. No, it's something you rush into.